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  • David said:
    Check this out! Tell us what you think! www.purevolume.com/setthesun www.facebook.com/setthesun Mar 30
  • IckyVicki™ said:
    I will not reap destruction makes me wet Mar 30
  • XxAshtonAssassinxX In Spite of Destruction. said:
    hey guys, i love your musik, and i love your message. never stray from that bros, its pure :) Mar 30
  • Mark [: said:
    so sick. hope you can upload some new songs soon. :D Mar 28
  • Ryan Savage (PseudoSurreal) said:
    Hey, check out my band! We've been told we sound like a mix between Breathe Carolina and We Came As Romans. Were called PseudoSurreal, from Dallas, TX. If you like We Came As Romans, I'm sure you'll like us(: http://www.purevolume.com/PseudoSurreal Mar 26
  • F-eli-X said:
    Nice! Mar 23
  • Jordan. said:
    For fans of Woe, Is Me, Attack Attack and We Came As Romans check out my band! www.purevolume.com/howtowinawar Mar 21
  • Bo-fosho said:
    u guys were awesome yesterday Mar 15
  • Sarah said:
    love love love Mar 14
  • florenz said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/emilinetheband Mar 14
  • The Jokester said:
    Didn't realize that you guys were from Troy...I am from Clinton Twp...which is only about 20 mins away... Mar 11
  • IckyVicki™ said:
    dreams is so fucking epic! Mar 10
  • Bo-fosho said:
    gana see u guys on monday cant wait \m/ Mar 10
  • Kees Luigjes said:
    cant wait to see you live Mar 05
  • deathstar said:
    devil wears prada has a competition! Mar 02
  • mmmLila...(chaos) said:
    I fucking love you guys. Mar 01
  • Jordan. said:
    For fans of Attack Attack and We Came As Romans, check out my band! www.purevolume.com/howtowinawar Feb 24
  • Liz said:
    saw you guys at sector. best show of my life. i almost jizzed my pants when you opened with Roads That Don't End and Views That Never Cease. ahaaaa Feb 22
  • Celeste*kleiner Liebling des Schlafschlafes* said:
    love this band!!!!! :) Feb 19
  • Zac Koval said:
    Hey! I'm in a post-hardcore band called Parabellum from Connecticut, and at the moment we're trying to build up our following. We just sent our music out to record labels and are hoping to make a good impression. If you want to give our music a listen check us out! http://www.purevolume.com/parabellumCT Feb 15

Events (8)

Dec 10

Pontiac, MI

6:30pm at The Crofoot Ballroom
Dec 12

Baltimore, MD

7:00pm at Baltimore Soundstage
Dec 13

Worcester, PA

7:00pm at The Palladium
Dec 14

Poughkeepsie, NY

6:00pm at The Chance
Dec 15

New York, NY

6:00pm at Irving Plaza