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  • Steven Noll said:
    have your latest album on hard copy. Love it! You guys are officially My top choice for hardcore Nov 20
  • Zac Gibson said:
    Please check out my band! http://www.purevolume.com/BridgeMayBeIcy Nov 16
  • Jayk said:
    Check us out we are an techcore act www.purevolume.com/fallofromeo Nov 01
  • Wesley said:
    Check out my band. You won't be disappointed. :) www.purevolume.com/sandsofficial www.facebook.com/sandsofficial www.twitter.com/sandsofficial Oct 23
  • george tuca jr. said:
    Great! The new album is AWESOME :)... Sep 30
  • ϟGeo☈geッ said:
    If you guys enjoy listening to Electronica, Screamo or Experimental music, you should check out purevolume.com/beforethetime :) Sep 30
  • iam*deedee*(=^.^=) said:
    wow, you guys are really amazing, i love mis//understanding Sep 29
  • Empty Soul said:
    I love your music so much keep it up :) Sep 28
  • Alex said:
    hey everyone come check out my band Someday Came Suddenly, we just up a new song off our album and would love for you to hear it! purevolume.com/somedaycamesuddenly Sep 28
  • Taylor Dies Last said:
    stoked to see you guys at the Diamond Ballroom in OKC next week! Sep 27
  • (( To be great is to be misunderstood )) said:
    you guys were amazing at durty nellies in chicago.. of mice and men and miss may i put on a good show but you guys straight killed it! =) come back soon Sep 27
  • Clyde Kelly said:
    new songs kick ass Sep 26
  • Paul Stewart said:
    Hey there, who ever is reading this, please take a few seconds and check out my band page purevolume.com/livingyesterday and be sure to hit us up on facebook if you like it. :D Thank you all for your support! Sep 25
  • The Blackmist said:
    hey guys just asking you all to check out my mates project thing its purevolume.com/fademaybe he is only 17 and has some of his own stuff up so enjoy Sep 25
  • Kourtney said:
    i love the new album its amazing!! ^^ Sep 24
  • emoinmyheart said:
    we came as romans is still the best band right now. live they own everyone at warped. keep the screamo style u have true. its too good and from here on everyone will prolly try to copy it but fuk it up. they fukin do it right. big props, u guys rule Sep 24
  • Keerigan Rudd said:
    The new album is so sick guys. Y'all have come so far, I've been following since the Dreams EP and your music has grown so much. You've planted a seed for the music to grow as a whole (See what I did there? ;D). Sep 23
  • Andy Eat World said:
    I love the new album! Sep 23
  • @yayyeritzi said:
    i love the fact that lou follows me on twitter. XD Sep 23
  • sarah cleveland said:
    Sep 22