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Definition of Web Services

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Web Services are thought as reusable web based applications that can be accessed through different hardware platforms and os. XML and HTTP is the basic platform of web services.

It is just a standardized way of integrating web applications using web service standards and protocols for accessing and developing web services such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. XML is used to format the info retrieved by the protocol, SOAP is utilized to transfer the information, WSDL describes the availability of web service and UDDI provides list of available services.


Web Service Design Patterns

Basic elements of Web service design pattern are:

1.    understanding web services

2.    Web services management in addition to their interoperability

3.    Understand the lower level transport model

4.    Provide appropriate Security

5.    Provide Specific functionality and Simple to use GUI

6.    Plan for deployment issues

Utilization of Web Services

Web Services tend not to provide the user with any interface to demonstrate data in well defined website pages. Instead, web services just share information tagged with XML throughout the network. Developers process this data by connecting web services to some GUI such as Web Pages and provide it user friendly interface to offer useful functionality towards the user.

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Advantages of using Web Services

Create reusable net based applications as Web Services. Sometimes different applications need same code usually. Web Services has overcome this problem of developing same applications repeatedly. For example currency conversion, environment and country locations services. Web Services lessen the time consuming custom coding by giving reusable functions to formulate applications with specific functionality. Web Services are platform independent because all communication in XML. JAVA can communicate with Perl; LINUX applications can talk to Windows applications easily.

Web Services Applications

You can find number of example of using web services applications like selling products of your respective business affiliate partner by creating internet commerce web site accessing these products catalog through Web Services. It will help in revenue sharing by tracking visitors of your site. Other demonstration of web service: Weather report web service provides temperature of various locations; its net based widgets can be used to go on your web site to show the live weather report.

Future of Web Services

Web Services are a simple, inter operable, messaging framework. Today they have proved itself like a quick and efficient means of increasing business revenue in case your business is capable of creating web services offered to other people. Web Services SOAP has become more advanced and trying to conquer the issue of security and routing.


Posted Jan 14, 2016 at 8:39am