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  • Mauricio Torres said:
    I remember the first time i listen this band, it was in 2006 if i'm not wrong... just here in PureVolume :) Feb 15
  • ChuKy Charles said:
    You guys are fuckin' SICK! =D Check out my band: www.purevolume.com/questionnoanswer Mar 20
  • Alexaonfire said:
    Holy shit! You guys are incredible! Nov 26
  • smalone85 said:
    You guys are def my new fave band. Jun 24
  • Cullen Pancak said:
    You guys rule....No Joke. May 03
  • sabaksumbadakam said:
    man! you're really awesome! Mar 20
  • uihubpo;im[pjp said:
    july 5th! its goin down! Jun 29
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 11
  • Kenny said:
    Hey guys, Really enjoyed the show in Spartanburg on Wednesday night, The mix of hardcore and ska was awesome. May 01
  • Emma said:
    D: Apr 29
  • Emma said:
    fffffffff Apr 29
  • Emma said:
    fffffffff Apr 29
  • ZOMGits_AHLEX said:
    JOHNNY!!!! i won award for playing my T. Sax in a jazz fest!! im happy! Apr 07
  • yeah yes¡¡¡ said:
    is great¡¡¡ Mar 23
  • Stabroek said:
    If you're in Europe drop by Prague, if you need help with finding a spot, message me. Mar 10
  • Send.Her.To.Hell said:
    Wow I really dig the tunes guys! :D I juss wanna danceee :DDD Mar 10
  • The Skyline Surrender said:
    You guys are sick!!! If you have a minute, please check out The Skyline Surrender at purevolume.com/theskylinesurrender They have FREE downloads too!!!!! Thanks Mar 02
  • ZOMGits_AHLEX said:
    totally stoked to see you tonight!!!! Feb 27
  • riley.bell@hotmail.com said:
    www.purevolume.com/killergreen www.killergreen.ca new songs up check em out! Feb 17
  • BiJaN_Fx said:
    Hello Everyone!!! Check out 40winks at www.purevolume.com/winkwink40 ..we're a skapunk band all the way from Malaysia!!! Do listen to our songs please!! and tell us what u think!! Peace!! Jan 26