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we are The OaKs


Genres: Indie / Alternative / Pop

Location: Orlando, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Matthew, Ryan, Melissa, Tim, Greg, Jeremy

Welcome to the Pure Volume presence of The OaKs

Our new album, Songs For Waiting was released on march 4 . You can stream the entire album for free here

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Songs For Waiting CD - 2008 - $10

Our Fathers and the Things They Left Behind CD - 2006 - $10

50% of profits from each copy of Our Fathers sold go directly to Afghan widows and recently returned refugees

The OaKs - SONGS FOR WAITING - T-Shirts - $12 (Available in Youth L, S, M, L, XL -- 100% Natural Unbleached Pre-Shrunk Cotton


[[To purchase an album, or T-shirt, click on the picture to add item to our secure shopping cart. Shipping is $2 for U.S. Orders, $5 for Overseas, no matter how many items you purchase. And we take virtually every payment method, including Paypal. Thanks!]]

To purchase individual songs (only 65 cents) or the albums go to our Fizzkicks page and look at the instructions. You can buy them securely right there on the page. They are all very high quality MP3s. You can also stream any song of of both albums there as well.

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You can stream our new album Songs For Waiting for free, now, through www.theoaksband.com

In late 2003, just two years after 9/11, The OaKs's Ryan Costello sold everything he owned, joined a humanitarian organization and moved to Afghanistan. Late at night, while the dust storms blocked out the stars and rattled the windows, he would sit and work out impressions of what he had seen and heard that day on his acoustic guitar. After returning to the United States, Costello joined back up with his long-time creative and song-writing partner Matthew Antolick, who was drumming full-time in a Moroccan band. Antolick and Costello began working out Costello's melodic ideas and lyrical concepts, home-recording what eventually would become Our Fathers and the Things They Left Behind. The release of Our Fathers... drew immediate attention to The OaKs and the attention quickly went national as Paste magazine featured Costello and The OaKs in their July 2007 cover story "Can Rock Save the World." The OaKs also partnered with Global Hope Network on the release of Our Fathers...and agreed to donate 50% of the profits from each CD or track download from that album to aid widows and recently-returned refugees from Afghanistan. Costello and Antolick immediately realized the difficulty of translating their multi-tracked compositions into a live setting with just a duo, and began working to put together a band of diverse musicians who could make the compositions come to life on stage.

In July of 2007 the OaKs began recording Songs For Waiting. Using the warm, full sound of Costello's old house, they determined to use no artificial reverb on the new album, instead using room mic'ing techniques to mix the elements together in the style of their favorite 1960's jazz and rock albums. The OaKs employed trumpet, trombone, sax, Hammond organ, bells, analog synths, acoustic and classical guitars, electric and acoustic bass, a plethora of shakers, tambourines, and hand-drums, and a Wurlitzer electric piano from 1959. The album was mixed using as few modern mixing tricks as possible, including no artificial reverb or delay. The OaKs' Songs For Waiting was finished on November 8, 2007.

The new album was released on March 4, 2008. Stream the new album right now at www.theoaksband.com

Check out our feature article in the July 2007 Issue of Paste Magazine here

Read more about Ryan's work doing agricultural development in Afghanistan with Global Hope Network at www.ghni.org

and see the photos Ryan took while living in Afghanistan here

Visit our Virb.com page here

and, finally, you can check out our Sonicbids electronic press kit here

Thanks for stopping by! Much love, The OaKs


  • squish_me said:
    Hey guys! I discovered you back in ohh probably right when your second album came out and i've found you yet again. Your sounds are so very calming, yet make me want to party and dance around. pure genius :) Thank You. ps. I would like to buy a shirt, but can't figure out how. pss. hah there's a comment from me a few years back right below.. Jul 19
  • said:
    I love you guys!! I actually got a chance to check you guys out on uncensoredinterview.com. I think that everyone should check them out they were awesome!! http://uncensoredinterview.com/artists/138-The-Oaks Mar 05
  • spikee_bob said:
    ur musics has a unique sound to it, it is unlike any other band i\'ve heard before. u guys definitely know wat u r doing, so hope to hear more of ther oaks soon Jan 13
  • squish_me said:
    i have no words for you.. just that you\'re the first REAL bad i\'ve ever come across. music isn\'t about the money you make or the chicks that flock to you. but somehow that\'s what it has evolved into, and that\'s what makes me sad. but then you guys are here. you\'re just incredible. the lyrics. the instruments. it all melts and forms together like music is suppose to. and the contribution you make, i just love it. keep it up. maybe the other bands will follow your lead and make music not for the money and girls, but to make a difference. that\'s all it\'s suppose to be. thank you:] Jan 10
  • taydog said:
    wow canadian tour now lol Jan 09
  • littleebonees said:
    ohh your music is quite nice, and im glad that your a local band Nov 03

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