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American Classic

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Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: Arlington, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Moises Christopher Santos, Brian Thomas Eckel, Henry Neto, Andy Longo

Change is inevitable and can be the most challenging part of our lives: however, accepting change and learning from it defines our strength as individuals. Life Is Motion the debut EP by American Classic is a representation of those changes. Self-discovery, losing someone important or even yourself are all representative of the themes that drive this collection. As a band and as individual musicians, American Classic strives to write and create music that challenges them, but also clarifies their vision. This message, with the help of acclaimed producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, Underoath), defines their sound and direction.
American Classic's, Chris Santos, Brian Eckel, Henry Neto, and Andy Longo, formed August 08' and have been playing live shows for nearly a year, however; their collective experience (Opening for acts like Cartel and Boys Like Girls and working festivals including Warped Tour and Bamboozle) really shows when they come alive on stage. this band has proved that they have what it takes. American Classic does not disappoint their fans when they perform live. Their sound is clean and finely tuned …just good music and a band that works hard to bring it alive…every time.

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  • MirandaElizabeth. said:
    you guys are amazing(: i love As Mine ♥ and you should put some of your songs up for downloadd Dec 14
  • kaylamarie' said:
    uhh-mazing sound! keep it up, loves! ♥ Dec 02
  • carissa said:
    Love the tunes. (: Nov 24
  • Rifky Hardyboyz said:
    you're amazing, please check my project on : www.purevolume.com/hardtobe Sep 12
  • ♥-Case_ said:
    i love your music. ♥ totally amazing. Sep 11
  • Emma said:
    Awesome, just listened to the whole album on repeat for 4 hours. Sep 11
  • Júlia Nunes said:
    great music, got me addicted. Sep 10
  • Gabrielle said:
    love the music(: keep it up Sep 10
  • B-Rad said:
    Awesome awesome music Sep 10
  • Jojó said:
    Nice keep it up :) Sep 10
  • Chim And Sky said:
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  • tearyeyedstars said:
    nice music ! i loved it : D keep up the good work (: Sep 08
  • KaylaMisfit said:
    Catchy tunes, great lyrics, cute guys. I can dig it. Glad I found you guys at this current moment for the free downloads, too. Sep 08
  • Tati said:
    We heart you!! Check us out http://therealcoffeecorner.blogspot.com/ Sep 07

Life Is Motion

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