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We All Have Hooks For Hands Pro


Genres: Folk / Indie

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

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9 tracks

Members: Eli Show, Isaac Show, Brent Hardie, Tim Evenson, Tony Helland, David Left, Logan Borchardt, Micheal Graber and Tory Stollen

We All Have Hooks for Hands started as a recording project in a downtown apartment in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The group started forming after the collapse of a previous band and the gathering of people at college. The amount of people in the beginning that were in the group is not important. Hooks for Hands is and always will be a community based project led by a core group of people and the band number has definitely fluctuated since then. The band quickly recorded an ep right away and toured on it to the west coast. After coming back Hooks for Hands started the process of recording their first full length: the Pretender. Towards the end of production the album found its way to Afternoon Records where Ian Anderson signed the band and released their first full length. Again Hooks took off on tour this time with good friends Mouthful of Bees who were also on Afternoon Records and partially responsible for Hooks getting signed. This time they headed east to the land of opportunity in a 1975 Winnebago. And after almost running into everything on the east coast they headed back and started on their next record.
The Shape of Energy has been almost two years in the making. Hooks went through many troubles with home recording until finally being pushed into a studio in Minneapolis at the Terrarium. The overall different experience from recording the first record to recording this new one will be apparent in the Shape of Energy. The Shape of Energy is a loud, dynamic burst of sound influenced by different styles of music with an overriding tone of indie rock. The idea behind the album came from a Tom Robbins novel in the fact that energy never dies it just loses its shape. It seems as if the band in general was the reorganization of shapes of energy into one giant ball that is We All Have Hooks for Hands. It is stated in the law of conservation of energy that energy is neither created, nor destroyed; so the only thing that changes is the Shape of Energy.


  • Alli... said:
    Im going to their concert in sioux falls tomorrow!! SOO PSYCHED! :):) Apr 14
  • Tatiana said:
    Amazing! to facebook you will go ((: Mar 31
  • Asherrface said:
    how do i get your music? Oct 17
  • Clunk said:
    Agreed.. Summer :D Jun 11
  • Chloe[: Livesin WonDerLanD said:
    Teehee[: Your songs make me think of summer! ~ Apr 12
  • Fleshy said:
    It's been decided, you are both my and my friends' favorite band. Jan 06
  • Justin Tingey said:
    i love this :) thank you for giving my ears such wonderful sounds Jan 04
  • Fleshy said:
    This music makes me so ridiculously happy. I really want to see you in NY! Nov 14
  • Yours Truly, Will said:
    Very Nice Sound guys Nov 13
  • dear, erica said:
    I'm likin' you guys a lot :) Oct 20
  • Logan Cochran said:
    Made up of tiny lights has got to be one of my favorite songs by far!!! Oct 13
  • Logan Cochran said:
    This stuff definitely needs more attention! This is really good! Oct 13
  • nicholas said:
    love you guys :) Sep 03
  • Almost Gone said:
    I'm loving the folk/indie-ness. It makes everything even more amazing in its own way. Jul 14
  • It's Emily! said:
    you are amazing. i love 'the man out to outfox us all' Jul 13


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