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WATERBEAR formed in middle 2008 by three guys who loved to play rock music. They wanted to created something that sounded different but that was also inspired by common events in their lives. A CAUTIONARY TALE - EP is what came out. The recording and mixing sessions were all done independently by the band. The band is influenced by all genres of rock, ranging from metal and prog to punk and grunge. The only objective was to make good music. A full length album is in the works.


  • xNATHANIELx said:
    you should put some screaming in it oh ya Feb 02
  • chey said:
    Hey guys, You guys are really good! I love don't just stand there it's great. -chey Jan 30
  • Monta said:
    heeey.sounds really good.:]] Jan 30
  • XxNeverPerfectxX said:
    thanx for the message guys. soem good music... i like it, keep it up (: Jan 30
  • mrburgess said:
    your riffs are cool and the band is tight but to be honest its pretty generic and your lead singer sounds like he is in an emo band and not a "hard rock" band as you put it. :) Jan 29
  • Stephanie said:
    cute AND talented wow! its so amazing! Jan 29
  • Cynthia said:
    hey you guys! thanks for the msg the music its pretty cool keep it up! Jan 28
  • alexxx said:
    thanx for the message.....pretty sweet music Jan 28
  • Danyell Blah said:
    like yur musik thnks 4 da message Jan 27
  • alyssaa said:
    thanks for the message (: lovein' the musicc Jan 27
  • Enoy's- said:
    booya...too simple but u gus rock... Jan 27
  • Adrianne Pauline said:
    you guys are good! my fav's 'white elephant' Jan 24
  • ROCK_KRITICK said:
    Good stuff guys. Very creative. You're not a cookie cutter band. I dig that. Keep it up. Jan 24
  • thestartingLow said:
    pretty good for a three piece.. and the fact that it was recorded and mixed by the band made me appreciate it more... its pretty good... thnx for the link dudes... hope you make it... peace and love Jan 23
  • Morganlafayy said:
    Welcome!!!!! Jan 23

A Cautionary Tale - EP

Jan 14, 2009


No release date

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