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Washington Lane


Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Chapel Hill/Concord, NC

Stats: 485 fans / 104,076 plays / 40 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Thomas, Nick, Robert, Mike D

Washington Lane has disbanded. Check back for updates on future releases.


  • Grey Knight said:
    sooo...is there any new news about WL??? Sep 13
  • fhockeybabie21 said:
    really like it :) Sep 19
  • im the sin said:
    hey bro do you know a band looking for a singer? i have demos if interested. thanks Sep 10
  • #1musicguru said:
    just to let you know, All Caught Up has been ib my head all day! When are you guys comming to play at New Brookland Tavern in Columbia SC? Sep 04
  • said:
    i love your guys music!!!xxxxx keep up ur good work:) Mar 21
  • AAP42 said:
    god! i love you guys so much. Feb 17
  • Eisbaer87 said:
    Hey, I really like your music!You\'re better than most of the commercial bands...I\'m looking forward to your new EP Nov 16
  • said:
    u guys are great! Sep 25
  • said:
    u guys are great! Sep 25
  • Fender08736 said:
    you guys are ahmazing!! i live in jersey so i can like never see you play. but whatever you guys are the best you rock!! Sep 10
  • MYhartISblue4u said:
    I was there at the Cabarrus Fair. adn i bout a cd Sep 09
  • Iloveskaterboys said:
    i love you guys...like...i really do Aug 22
  • xxdefamer said:
    I might go to the Cabarrus County Fair just to see you guys perform. idk. I wish you guys would play closer, like in Stanly County, or Randolph, or something. =/ Aug 11
  • xxdefamer said:
    your music makes me smile. a lot. Aug 09
  • *Music = boyfriend* said:
    You guys are probably my favorite band...no, your my favorite. =) Jul 23

So Hot

Dec 29, 2006

Awake for the Dream

Nov 30, 1999


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United States

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