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War Tapes


Genres: Rock / Other / Indie

Location: Echo Park, CA

Stats: 86 fans / 1,249 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Neil Popkin, Becca Popkin, Matt Bennett, William

War Tapes, a Los Angeles 4-piece, successfully creates epic anthems of angst, blending the attitude and edge of today's post-hard-core scene with an appealing nod to 80's new-wave and post-punk. All the while, War Tapes demonstrates a knack for creating huge hooks and sing-a-long choruses.

Front-man Neil Popkin engages audiences with youthful charisma and a passionate delivery. His dark, powerful stage presence is unpredictable, yet completely refined. Conversely, bassist Becca Popkin is stoic and graceful, with thoughtful bass lines filled with a melodic, driving force while simultaneously adding lush haunting harmonies that counter balance her brother's deep commanding vocals. Drawing on his punk-rock roots, the fervent Matt Bennett seamlessly combines his live energy with a wall-of-sound guitar style that adds an intense level of richness and precision that rivals the heroes he grew up worshipping, but is completely his own. The unique drumming approach of William Mohler brings a striking and stylistic dynamic to the band. His powerful rhythmic cadence is the breath and pulse of the band and the foundation for War Tapes' signature heart-quaking 'doom-pop'.

More info at www.myspace.com/wartapes.


  • Fleshy said:
    Things that make your day; War Tapes ... That's it. Jan 27
  • Pandoria said:
    hey! i actually went to that tiger army show, and saw you guys there! you guys are wonderful. i really like you :D Dec 25
  • flashy007 said:
    I want to see you guys live! Dec 11
  • Tellervo said:
    Y'all are the best! keep rockin! Dec 01
  • Gracie and insainity said:
    i love it thanx for the message =^-^=! Oct 25
  • N8theGr8 said:
    heya looking forward to hearing you guys at the beauty bar tonite :P Sep 13
  • Its Just Jaymes... said:
    your music is very inspiring. Sep 11
  • houyhnhnm said:
    I come to the library everyday to get on here and listen to ya'll!!! :) Ya'll need to come to Dallas...or heck, anywhere in TX!!! Ya'll ROCK!!! Jul 10
  • gRotesque said:
  • RebeccaxHudson said:
    Thanks for the message. Love the stuff and keep bringing more. Jun 13
  • Dizzy said:
    Jun 06
  • Alyssa said:
    I saw you guys in Colorado Springs. I am definately excited for your upcomming album! Jun 01
  • watchthesky said:
    love the music May 31
  • DraftGuitar said:
    pretty good stuff! May 28
  • megz said:
    i was told to check you out i think you are amazing, i love "dreaming of you". Keep up the amazing music and, thanks for the free download. you and tiger army should come down to phoenix,arizona i'd be there. May 28

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