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Genres: Progressive / Metal / Experimental

Location: Allendale, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Zack Orcutt, Nate Calebaugh, Joe Haryanto, Nik Viola, Anders Olson, Devan Gardner

Hometown: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Country: United States

ZACK ORCUTT - Lead/Backing Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitars
DEVAN GARDNER - Lead/Backing Vocals, Frontman
JOE HARYANTO - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
NATE CALEBAUGH - Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards
ANDERS OLSON - Drums, Percussion, Bongos, Congas
NIK VIOLA - Bass, Backing Vocals

Available now on iTunes, Shockhound, and CD!
$0.99 per song
$9.99 for full-length album

Release Date: October 31, 2008

Produced and Mastered by Warsynium and Mike L. @ RQR Studio 2008
1. Krakatoa (6:28)
2. Destruction Of Leviathan (6:42)
3. Ice Harvest (6:55)
4. Mind Slave (Contagion) (5:00)
5. Calypso (Instrumental) (9:12)
6. Somnium (9:11)
7. Eldest Of Evil (4:42)
8. Into The Dark (5:25)
9. Hallows Requiem (6:55)
10. Deus Ex Machina (4:46)

Warsynium is an experimental metal band from the United States.

Warsynium is a living, breathing melting pot with many diverse influences from thrash metal, techincal power metal, progressive rock, neo-classical shred, to jazz, swing, and fusion, creating a unique soundscape you must hear to believe.

The band formed nearly 3 years ago in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It includes members Zack Orcutt, Joe Haryanto, Anders Olson, Nate Calebaugh, Nik Viola, and recently joining the band, Devan Gardner. They successfully recorded their eponymous 10-song debut album entitled Warsynium I in late October of 2008.

The band is still writing, playing shows, and partying the whole time!

If you like the music up now, make sure you come out and see us sometime and buy our debut album Warsynium I OUT NOW ON CD! You will not regret it.
We also have Warsynium T-Shirts (S/M/L/XL) available now for $10!

Warsynium will soon be going back to the studio to record a 2-song EP this year. So get ready!

They are considered a local super group of sorts, hailing from The Berkshires in Massachusetts . Blending The speed and aggression of thrash-metal with the melodic technicality of power-metal and to top it all off: influences from all across traditional western classical and eastern exotic musics alike.

The band has been together since 2006, when they were 15/16 years old and although these guys are young, they have the talent as if they had been playing & writing music for 20 years. They are truly committed, die hard musicians and are a band to watch out for. Warsynium is still writing, recording, playing shows in MA, NY & CT areas.


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Warsynium I (Birth)

Oct 31, 2008


Allendale, MA

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