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Genres: Rock / Pop

Location: Lincoln, NE

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Members: Bryan Olesen, John Wooten, Justin Wantz, and Stefan Carlson

Much has happened since VOTA's INO Records debut album release. Some of the highlights include a top 10 radio single, 4 consecutive national tours with bands Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North, Newsboys, Barlow Girl and Superchick, a trip to Europe, the startup of a touring/production company, and the launch of a non-profit called The 180 Tour that has performed over 300 character based assembly programs in public high schools in over 30 states. And VOTA is just getting started. As momentum builds, VOTA continues to define its bold and mysterious name on a path all its own, and those who come in contact can't help but follow.


  • Cleo Dinnel said:
    i went to your concert last night :) you guys are amazing! that was my 3rd concert :) Jan 13
  • @teteiayh said:
    Love you guys ♥ Aug 11
  • daniellepaige:) said:
    hi, you guys came to my church and played a show awhile ago, you're awesome live :o) Jun 24
  • stephanie said:
    saw y'all sunday in brusnwick, You rocked =) Thanks for a great show! Mar 23
  • losergirl4jesus said:
    http://www.whatyoudowhenimgone.com/ Mar 21
  • Raquel said:
    Hey you guys are great!! I think it awesome that you guys have a partnership with food for the hungry like Leeland Dec 07
  • shanna;) said:
    love ur music i am the girl that was at wayfest 09in palm beach,FL i gave you my sunglasses when 1 of the band members needed it i treasure those glasses 4ever nd always rock on "honestly"! ;D Nov 28
  • Jaloux said:
    hahha I was like dang these guys sound a lot like Casting Pearls and then I read and realized it was you! I love your music! great live too which is not something you can say of many musicians today. Sep 17
  • Iamin GrantNebraska said:
    You guys are incredible! You sounded great in Grant last night. I would really like to send you a photo that I got of you and my daughter. Where can I send it to? Sep 10
  • HeyHeychick93 said:
    I absolutellyy love honestlyy, great job. God Bless. Feb 19
  • Andrea said:
    When are you coming home?????? Feb 17
  • Brooke said:
    I like your sound what other songs do you have? Dec 04
  • Hannah Banana said:
    cuz im outa town on halloween and there is no way i can stay there or com back for the concert =[ Sep 12
  • Hannah Banana said:
    you guy really need to come to Lincoln, NE i think your great and rlly rlly hop you come soon =] Sep 12
  • pilot g-2 pens, high tops, and toblerone. said:
    I am so seeing you at wall. (: I go to school RIGHT next to there. Sep 03


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