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Voodoo Terror Tribe

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Genres: Alternative / Metal / Rock

Location: Rockaway, NJ

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4 tracks

Members: Emir Erkal, T-Bone, Gil PZ, Primer

VOODOO TERROR TRIBE is a New Jersey based band that was formed by EMIR ERKAL on the guitars and T-BONE on the drums; and later joined by HARRY DULLYS on the vocals and PRIMER on the bass, crafting a finely honed sound full of texture, detail and charisma.

Tribal Sounds
Voodoo Terror Tribe embraces the modern metal aesthetic and grafts to it a variety of pop culture elements for a sound that spans from the hard sounds of the 90s through to today's alt-metal and everything in between. The result is astonishing, a sound that references a number of familiar elements but puts them together in new and often fascinating ways. It's VTT's distinctiveness that brings listeners back for a second helping after getting blown away by first exposure to such radioactive music.
For Voodoo Terror Tribe, music is a way of confronting the shadow in all of us. Every person has a heart of darkness somewhere in side – it's part and parcel of reality. VTT sets out to write music that points the light on that heart of darkness and create catharsis and strength by way of intense musical entertainment. The band's invigorating music is informed by an intelligent assessment of the dark corners of the human soul. "We feel that music, in whatever form, can be stimulating to the inner darkness we all have, to getting those goosebumps during harmonies and melodies ... We are very passionate about creating music that can make someone feel like we do."
Intelligence is one of the things new listeners of Voodoo Terror Tribe will notice. This music is dark and angry but not unthoughtfully so. VTT's intent is to rock the listener but to also get the listener thinking. "Philosophy is knowledge; knowledge is strength. With strength comes wisdom, right down to something you totally believe in ... music!"
Part of the striking quality of Voodoo Terror Tribe's music is its eclecticism. Guitarist EMiR hails originally from Turkey and interjects rhythms and melodies that reflect his Anatolian and Mediterranean heritage. T-Bone (drums) and Primer (bass) are native Americans and add some stateside flavors to the world influences brought by the others, making for a sharp balance of musical ideas.
Work Equals Success
Success comes from hard work and for dyers like Voodoo Terror Tribe, hard work is what it's all about. "Most of the work we have done over the years we did ourselves." Booking, management, PR, promotion, etc., has all been handled by the band. They released their first EP "Mandala" in 2005 and their first full length album "Alone In Pain" in 2007.

The band parted ways with their singer H. Dullys in 2008 and GIL PZ joined the band as the new singer after a long search in late 2008.

Part of these devoted musicians' hard work includes a new album with their new singer in 2009 and a new tour afterwards...
"We feel that our hard work and skills for producing metal so far will pay off." The band is willing to work even harder with the right people.
For press, media, labels, booking and further information write to: V.T.T. Management info@voodooterrortribe.com or log on to the official website: www.voodooterrortribe.com



Alone In Pain

Oct 01, 2007


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