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Genres: Pop / Hip Hop

Location: St. Louis/Decatur, MO

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4 tracks

Members: CeCe Frey, Matt Elifritz

VolHolla! was no label creation. It was the brainchild of singer, CeCe Frey and diehard musician, Matt Elifritz. The two came together after spending time in separate projects that wearily faded away. After spending many evenings singing country music in bars, CeCe decided she no longer wanted to be a country singer. On the other side, Matt was stuck in limbo after his former band Wild America became victim of an untimely demise. Appeased by each others complete obsession with music, the pair decided it was time to try something new to them both! Welcome, VolHolla!

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  • Brittany said:
    i love your music! this should seriously be on the radio! Mar 05
  • krory said:
    yall so hip hoppin'! love it! Mar 05
  • ItsAspenEmm said:
    This is what should be on the radiooo. Mar 04
  • dee apple said:
    love the music! very catchy =) Mar 03
  • Thatmusicfreak! said:
    Your guys music is hott! i love you guys!! Mar 03
  • Emma Kat said:
    Instantly fell in love with this :) Mar 02
  • Deadman_Living said:
    wow really good!! reminds me a little of Group 1 Crew! Mar 01
  • @Lysattack said:
    LOVE the music (: Mar 01
  • Chey's Massacre said:
    I agree, the beat is very catchy :) Mar 01
  • jenn88 said:
    Very catchy. I like it. Feb 28
  • Alyssa said:
    omg matt i love you haha miss you at west! Oct 18


Feb 17, 2011


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