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Voice Of The Mysterons


Genres: Punk / Alternative / Experimental

Location: United Kingdom

Stats: 9 fans / 4,568 plays / 26 plays today






Members: Otto NoBot (vocals), Mr Frances Schaeffer (Bass), Dougle McMysteron (Guitar) and Frank-Oh! (Drums)

Voice Of The Mysterons - phantasmagorical alt.punk from beyond the grave!

New Album "THEY HAVE PULLED DOWN DEEP HEAVEN ON THEIR HEADS - OR - Come Hell or High Voltage: An Electromagnetic Rapture-Rock Shock-Apocalypse in Dramatic Dialogue With Damned Abaddon's Lost Lads and Lasses" available now from Boot To Head Records! (brought to your noise-a-tron in 9.1 wraparound frenzy sound).

Submit to the urge, its time to transmogrify!


  • pierre guertin said:
    Yeah man.... the singer dan was in blaster the rocket man! his pseudonym being 'Otto Bot' and now in VOTM being 'Otto NoBot' being a slight clue.... saw them years ago playing a gig in scotland before they were signed in a wee village hall in west lothian scotland where the bands used to hold regular gigs.... it was pretty mental! Jun 16
  • HxC Punk Jenn said:
    Are any of these guys from blaster the rocketman cause they sound just like them? May 30
  • colemip said:
    I love the new album, guys. You simply MUST come to the U.S. Dec 08
  • Ratzlaff said:
    I am so excited for you guys. I love BTRM. I cant wait for your album Mar 20