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Members: jimmy (vocals) and ryan (guitars, DJ)

VIVAXXX is jimmy and ryan started way back the year 2001.. started as a band but then eventually broke up.. now jimmy and ryan decided to make music as a duo..vivaxxx is known for its catchy vibes of rock, alternative and metal with a little twist of emo was making name for themselves in the local scene but vivaxxx as a band soon disbanded after their single \\\\\\\\\\\\\\"hold me\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was catching they ears of a small part of the local scene in cebu city phils.. now exploring their musical potentials as a duo both are creating their own kind of music combining influences.. jimmy a song writter, composer and vocalist is the one responsible for the catchy lyrics and unique vocal tunes that makes vivaxxx stand out as an artist.. combined with the music making talent of ryan guitarist, song writter and a composer as well and now DJing creating heavy beats, dark riffs and effects.. such musical talents combined creates the sound of vivaxxx.. its all about controlling and knowing the things that vivaxxx wants to project..




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