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Vile Order


Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Other

Location: Aurora, IL

Stats: 5 fans / 337 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Yaga - Joe - Gerald - Matt

Vile Order (RIP 2003-2006)

You can visit our MySpace page at: http://www.myspace.com/vileorder
Our official website is: http://www.vileorder1.com

Straight hardcore aggression is all you can say about Vile Order. They have created a sound that is like none other. Each member, coming from a different musical background, has added a layer that creates what is known as the Vile Order sound. With their insane live performances and head banging licks, these musicians kick up a lot of dust wherever they take the stage. While the EP (A New Beginning) showcases the bands explosive musical growth and talent, Vile Order remains committed to maintaining the brutal live performances they have become known for.

Still considered an indie band, Vile Order has just started to spread its wings. Having played many shows recently, they have been experiencing a great onstage presence with the likes of many other hard and heavy Chicago area bands. Vile Order is focused on putting out excellent live performances and dominating the chicagoland area.

After having accomplished so much in their first few years, Vile Order is looking forward to giving the fans extreme live performances. They will continue to expand their fan base throughout the Midwest and the rest of the country. With the new line-up, aggressively loyal fans, stage stomping shows, and jaw-breaking music, Vile Order will continue to create havoc among audiences throughout the Chicago land area and beyond.



A New Beginning

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Memphis, TN

Z E R 0 I N E™

Decatur, IL


Barrington, IL


Plainfield, IL

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