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Viernes 13


Genres: Ska / Rock / Other

Location: South Gate, CA

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4 tracks

Members: J.P.-Vocals, Mario-Guitar, Mikey-Drums, Ruben-Trombone, Mike-Saxophone, Jessie-Bass, Josue-Trumpet

From Los Angeles, California comes Viernes 13

One summer day in the year of 1997, Mario Luna and his long time high school friend Jose Solis decided to jam out and play Ska music. They got more friends together and created a musically diverse band using elements of Ska, Surf, and Rockabilly. By 1999 some of the band members left the band and the search was on for new members.

One day, while relaxing at a local pool hall, Juan Pulido was approached by Jose and Mario. Jose had previously met Juan at the clothing store where Juan worked. Jose and Mario mentioned to Juan that they liked his style and asked him to be the frontman for their new project. Juan, a writer at the time, thought this would be a good platform for his poetry, and agreed to sing with the band.

Now that the band had a singer, the next important band member to find was a drummer. Juan had remembered a very talented drummer that he went to high school with. Mikey was a drummer for South Gate High School Marching Band, where he gained his drumming skills and perfected his musical talent. Juan asked Mikey Ornelas if he would be interested in playing in the band. After playing many different musical styles, Mikey thought that Ska would be a good style to play, so he agreed to join the band.

By the end of 1999 Viernes 13 became a common name in the Los Angeles underground Ska scene. Viernes 13 was in such popular demand, that they decided to record their first Self-titled EP. They traded backyards and American Legion Halls for world known venues such as The Roxy Theater and The Whiskey A Go-go in Hollywood.

After playing for a few years, the band decided to change their sound by adding more horn players. Mike Lovett and Ruben Durazo broke away from their previous band, but all still wanted to play together. After a short while, they discovered Viernes 13. They auditioned to play for the band. The band members were all impressed and all three were added. The previous horn section left the band shortly after the new members arrived.

After Jose left the band, to start a family, there was a continual search for a new bassist. After many different bassists, the band finally found Chris Silva, the last addition to the band. His bass playing abilities impressed the band and earned him a place in Viernes 13. Although Jose is no longer an active member, he will always be part of Viernes 13.

Viernes 13 has shared the stage with many well known American bands such as The Slackers, Royal Crown Revue, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Manic Hispanic, as well as Latin American bands such as Las Victimas Del Doctor Cerebro, Inspector, and Tijuana No, to name a few.

They do not limit themselves to basic styles or labels. Their diverse musical style of music appeals to a variety of individuals. They have played with everything from Death Metal and Punk bands to Emo and Rockabilly bands, introducing the diverse audience to their Ska sound.

Viernes 13 is currently working on their first full-length album, which will include a new Rocksteady sound, as well as the classic Viernes 13 sound their fans love. The future of Viernes 13 looks very promising. With many Shows on the agenda there is no stopping the musical force of this one-of-a-kind band.



Just Move!

Oct 12, 2008

Viernes 13-Singles

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