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Genres: Experimental

Location: NYC, NY

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Vicava is an experimental duo from New York City; an eclectic collaboration that refuses to be pinned down, their improvisational sound plays with the idea of genre. With their soothing, yet eerie cerebral approach and proclivity for moody tempo changes, expect to hear something different in every listen. Their first single is set to release June 25th under KAAN Records.

Calen has grown up around music, with his father being a gifted artist, deeply immersed in his craft. With the distinct power to reach out, Calen picked up his guitar at the age of 4 and since has treated every instrument as though it has always belonged to him; an extension of his fluidity and grace. Virena was introduced into the world by a woman who sang to her in a foreign language, and so it became her first language, and her truest expression of love; to give. She started to shy away from her ability as the sounds outside of her became louder than those within, she could no longer hear the message of her sensibilities. Virena almost became a mere observer bitterness and snark, writing about an indifferent world that left her cold, until Calen's tone found it's way into the heart of a musician emerging from behind the page, and into the exhilarating movement of song. Calen and Virena crossed paths in the summer of 2012. When their eyes met, their faces grew pale in total recognition. It was a fearless vibration that permeated the atmosphere and forever changed the bounds of what they could do. Vicava is their world now.



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