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Speed Asylum

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The hype , the frenzy dubbed speed asylum and led by Flat12Gallery team that will be part of the Goldrush 8 rally that is coming on the opening these May has been quite amazing . Flat12Gallery being utmost third car generation car collectors, auto parts assemblers and car parts upgrader have been on the social media front hyping gold rush 8.This year's race which will take part in Colorado , Utah then to end to Los Angeles at the Staples Centre seems to provide the rally fans with something to look up to. Being on the social media age craze where videos, pictures, vines and hashtags make up most of the days, speed asylum has been the hashtag on many social media fronts from April.Unlike last year where the Nissan GT-R created most hype and was the fans favorite, these year seems to be hard since many cars are fighting for the spotlight.

The Flat12Gallery family has already hit the ground working with tweets and photos of the from Facebook to twitter and heir website the main highlight being the Gt they are assembling called the 'Pennzilla' whereby also the sponsors are called Pennzoil. They are also hyping the Aston Martin British super car. The response is enormous andwith the date drawing closer, muscles cars will surely battle it out on the streets in what promises to be a tight contests. Speed asylum being the leading hashtag, others include #cargram#vantage#pennzilla#skidmarkshow#forgelinewheels among many more.

The speed asylum frenzy has received good publicity in spite of part of the publicity being paid but the frenzy is just awesome and definitely the Flat12Gallery will be the auto part dealers headliner. The collection from cars to body parts like camshafts, pistons, brake pads, transmissions, suspensions, exhaust parts among other parts is a sight to behold and as the name suggests, the speed asylum will definitely be worth the ride


Posted Apr 21, 2016 at 12:09am