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Added Nov 04, 2009

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Comments (15)

  • RockObsesse said:
    it looked like a lot of fun! sierra has such a great personality :) Aug 02
  • Michelle said:
    UGHH! Sierra, You have an AMAZZZING VOICE! XDDD Jul 25
  • Jessica(Bring Peace to the World) said:
    good show Mar 02
  • lilinie said:
    Feb 26
  • carohlyn said:
    ^__^ im happy after seeing this. Jan 29
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  • Ambie! [Says Hi!] said:
    Nov 25
  • Chris said:
    that's awesome! Nov 16
  • SiS23 said:
    NICE.... It's gotta be pretty HOT out there :D Nov 15
  • Trisstuhh (: said:
    Great... this is awesomeee!! Nov 09
  • Dexter Denver said:
    This is great Nov 09
  • J E A N N A;™ said:
    This is specatuar ! I Nov 07
  • Jenna said:
    Wish I was theree, but I live no where near New York, -____- xoxo Nov 06
  • All Flavor. No Bite said:
    I was there! It was awesome Nov 05
  • >+++D said:
    ..great Nov 05