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The Hider (Acoustic)

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Added Jul 06, 2009

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Comments (28)

  • JSB23 said:
    amazing guitar play in perfect harmony with great singing (Y) love it :D Oct 30
  • Daniel K said:
    youre so amazing! i saw you guys at the masquerade in atlanta and you were so great! Jul 23
  • ChAnLy ™ said:
    hell of a bad.....freakin awesome.....love you guys..... Jul 20
  • borgonia jockey said:
    hi.................i love you ddd Jul 20
  • Dance. said:
    ilove you guys. though it was the first time i saw you. :DD youre my new fave now. lorveyaa lorveyaa. KEEEP ROOOCKiiN' :DD Jul 19
  • Mike said:
    Saw you guys @ GIAN Incoming 2009 at Brixton in London this year.. only bought the ticket to see you and didn't hang around for the other bands. You were awesome!!! Jul 19
  • Meggy Gurl said:
    you guys rock!! seriously your better live then in studio! thats quite hard to do! Jul 16
  • jenna said:
    you guys HONESTLY took over as my favorite. i was like, 'damn. they've gotta be fucking great for them to have knocked out the veronicas.' i was astounded. :D xx Jul 15
  • BALLISTIK Brett!!! said:
    You Guys Are My New FAV!!!!!! Jul 15
  • Leanne said:
    they blow me away... Jul 15
  • Fueled By Rameen said:
    wow Jul 15
  • Paul said:
    god sierra is gorgeoussss. love her voice. love this band. Jul 12
  • xpastprayingforx said:
    Jul 09
  • abe said:
    Vocals are fucking amazing!!!! Sierra is one of the most sexiest woman out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 09
  • Priscilla said:
    Blake and Sierra's voices work so well together. This might be my favorite... Jul 07