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Added Jul 15, 2008

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Comments (61)

  • taylormcgraw said:
    great song, great (fun) video, I love watching it! Oct 27
  • Nicco said:
    sierra is hoooooootttttt!damn!!!!i love versa emerge! Jun 17
  • uploadedtv said:
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  • david xavier. said:
    born and raised where this band is from. what up port st lucies paramore. but still with its own style. i dig it. Jan 12
  • Vaimalu Vandalist said:
    yeah sounds like paramore's hayley Dec 29
  • Luke said:
    really good Nov 24
  • É said:
    dudes, comparing Sierra to Hailey is just not right. Yeah artists tend to have similarities but VersaEmerge is deffinetly not a "Paramore" type of band. These guys deff. seem more like a band rather than 4 musicians revolving over a single girl. By all means, Paramore is great but i just think Sierra has her own unique talent (just like everyone else in the band). Props VersaEmerge. The best of luck with the future and pelase keep on recording, you guys are gonna do great. Sep 04
  • jiemrawkrawk said:
    you sounds like hayley. but yeah, great job. i love versa emerge! m/ Sep 03
  • aditya olivier sardjono said:
    this band is the best band! good vocal! Sep 03
  • milton said:
    awesome song! Aug 27
  • live-laugh-love said:
    omg this vid puts tears in my eyes Aug 08
  • live-laugh-love said:
    sierra is so hot lol Aug 08
  • livin' hell yo! said:
    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! Aug 02
  • Chris said:
    i'm a big fan of hayley williams but man..seirra does a great job in this song for sure. she's definitely got my vote! Jul 31
  • kiiwiimmm said:
    niceeeee :D Jul 28