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Venomous Pinks


Genres: Indie / Rock / Alternative

Location: All over, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Frank Jay Bobert Cameron

venomous pinks have a sound that blends with low fi indie rock- 4 track recordings and hi fi guitar-synth rock. influences include GUIDED BY VOICES, dinosaur jr., new order, Nirvana and scrimmage heroes. also check out:


The Venomous Pinks began as an idea between Frank Velasquez and J Smith as they were on the roads of America with their former band of brothers the Scrimmage Heroes. As the " Heroes" decided to go on "hiatus", the duo began to talk more and more about making the "pinks" a reality. Frank had a batch of songs that he had 4 tracked, and they decided to record the demo now known as the laundry duty ep. Then, a band was peiced together to play a couple shows with some friends from other projects. The shows were amazing, but things began to slow down.
The band that was peiced together had other obligations they were commited to,and could no longer fullfill their role to the "pinks". J, who is also in an amazing hardcore unit known as TRAUMA, was on the road with his band. Frank then began to record music with his cousin Noel Paris who was the co-creator and co-songwriter of the Scrimmage Heroes. As a little time went on, Frank continued to write music and also fullfill a role as a guitarist in the Day 7 worship band at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Ca.
He then put together the unit we know today as the Venomous Pinks. He hooked up with longtime friend and bassist Randall "Randracula" Stewart, who also happened to be in a band with Frank, J, Noel and yes that Travis Barker known as Feeble quite a few years earlier. Frank then recruited Cameron Gobbera as another guitarist, and then Joseph Estrada on drums who would fill in for Jay while he completed his time at M.I. Now with Jayce Myth back in action, the Pinks are finishing up their debut ep set for a fall '06 release.
These band mates come from a lot of diverse musical directions. The names of bands that can be mentioned would fill a book. Frank came from a jazz background from his days at San Diego State, so his love of melodic texture in music is prevelant to the ear. Oh, he also loves the impressionist period of composers....whatever. That mixed with Built to Spill, Nivana, and the Smiths. Anyway, that's the story of the Venomous Pinks.



Laundry Duty EP

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