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Venice Is For Lovers



Genres: Powerpop / Pop / Rock

Location: Italy

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Paolo Bassini: Vocals / Guitar
Daniele Ferrari: Guitar / Vocals
Luca Baroni: Synth / Keyboards
Alessandro Anselmi: Bass
Angelo Anselmi: Drums

269 km away from Venice, the five love singers have crafted their first incredible, stunning and honey-sweet album.
These Lombardy guys (Paolo, Daniele, Luca, Alessandro and Angelo at the register office) have decided to dramatically change the music history through memorable guitar riffs and homely vocals, creating with a unique sense of rhythm a set of ten astonishing songs.
And to complete the masterpiece, as the world's best baking masters do, add one or two sachets of icing sugar keyboards on the top of the artwork.
Together as a band since 2005, the fabolous-four Paolo, Daniele, Alessandro and Angelo started to re-invent the power-pop in the most classic way: charming listening, catchy melodies, straight and zippy rock'n'roll rhythms.
That's all about how the dressy acoustic mood that Paolo and Daniele conceived turned into the fair of gorgeous power-pop.
What would be the next best thing to happen to this exciting story?
Yes, exactly! Luca joining them, like the cheese on the pasta!

Playing romances at her window, hanging tassels out of the doors, staring at fireworks by the sea. These are the ways the Venicers will conquer your heart.
New lives that have just begun, queens met at the very first dates and lights reflecting priding smiles. This is what Venice stuff is all about.
Highly-anticipated debut work will entail to softly whisper in your sweetheart's ears while sleeping, kissing while the new year is coming, and even fight against any monster!

So... what else... we are waiting for you to be "for lovers"!


  • Lovanie said:
    I really enjoyed your music, well done :) Sep 28