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Fabricated Air

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Added May 12, 2009

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Comments (8)

  • believemevergie. said:
    i love this soong :D and teh fact that you guys are being yerselves in this vid {: just be silly ! Nov 12
  • kasydi said:
    you have no idea how much i love this song and seeing the video makes it even better. im looking forward to hearing more good music so.. you guys better keep it up :) Jun 09
  • @dD!$0N said:
    duuudes this song is awesome i know every word to this friggin song its so catchy May 30
  • Throw Up your Hands For Ryan said:
    Guys this is so sick!!!!! WE (BFT) are so stoked for yall! We hope to see yall playing swayzes soon! if so we will deff book the show with yall! Good luck! Ryan (Backfoot Trailer) May 20
  • xXBethanyBumblebeeXx said:
    This is awesome guys! I'm really glad that you guys are going this far, you're gonna be huge in no time! May 17
  • JesseJames said:
    HAHAHA RYAN xD those are some great dancing skillzzz. i love you guys May 13
  • Tina Wise said:
    WOW! completely captures the joi de vivre that is VUF. You look like you are having so much fun. LOVE the complexity of the music. May 13
  • Arielle Christina said:
    obsessed May 12