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Veda Skyes


Genres: Post Hardcore / Rock

Location: Alloway, NJ

Stats: 1,075 fans / 309,737 plays / 86 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ian, Ferg, Eric, Keith, Smith, & Patrick

We are Veda Skyes.
We play music and have fun doing it.



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  • smokie said:
    Since this is not a band anymore, I decided to upload all of their songs for you to download. Also because they don't have them available to download. So here It is http://www.4shared.com/file/169366769/961f2972/Veda_Skyes.html Dec 09
  • kissing_silence said:
    come to tacoma..i know its laammmee but your uh-maz-ing!!!! Dec 14
  • CarL said:
    make "we are the architect" downloadable .. i like that song... it's awesome! Nov 28
  • redroseonacoffin said:
    what happened to your myspace? Apr 13
  • adam enAMORado said:
    kickass music... Mar 23
  • Thnikkamann said:
    You guys should put Come Strapped for War on downloadable. That song is freakin amazing. Nov 01
  • Thnikkamann said:
    Wow, you guys are one of my favs. now. Freaking amazing. Oct 09
  • nancegotpants said:
    ahh i\'ve been listening to you guys for like a year you guys are greatt! Aug 01
  • NJBASSKAT said:
    like i\'m retyping you guys rock no wonder Woodstown is decorated with your glorious stickers! Jul 28
  • NJBASSKAT said:
    mad fans at Woodstown support you guys all i see is your stickers on peoples cars and lockers so i though i check you out and you guys rock! Jul 28
  • We_Walk_Alone said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 26
  • We_Walk_Alone said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 26
  • maddskills749 said:
    veda skyes is the shyt niggaaaaa May 21
  • SpArKy1332 said:
    Add Comment here... May 12
  • Kevin_Reardon said:
    Hey Guys, Good luck getting into Warped Tour, hope all goes well!..wish The Unknown Soldiers luck at The Trocadero on May 20th! May 10

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