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Genres: Alternative / Experimental / Other

Location: Austin, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Jon Crosby, MPA, Ben Fenton, Tabber

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  • Alex Gloom said:
    Hey there, purevolume smart asses,whats the fuck?Therere only 4 songs allowed Ive read on Slipknot Demo,since when,why??? It isnt fair,7 albums n only 5 tracks n 2 remixed ['Im dying' doesnt work properly] represent nothing bout Crosbys genius. How I supposed to share this page to some with no idea or any conception how amazing the guys are?The bands unknown in US n u give me no chance to do anything for in Russia as well. Give us few tracks more,at least original versions 'Turquoise' n 'Smallvill','Flames' 'Tattoo' 'The Gates of Rock'n'Roll' 'USHKIdL' 'Loneliness is Fine' 'Thrown Away' 'I Have Nothing' Otherwise fuck off purevolume. Jan 23
  • Johnny said:
    Fucken narly its soo just like bad ass, Frog and touched i have to say are my fav songs like outta all yalls albums. Aug 20
  • UHxBRAWLxFREAK said:
    touched is, by far, your best song. i love it :] Oct 12
  • ToHisGlory2012 said:
    Are you really located in Austin, TX right now??? Feb 20
  • candygirldolce said:
    i heard the song touched in the promo for the five fingers production \"TRACES\" and it blew me away. I cried. I love that song and this band. Nov 14
  • Starvingdude said:
    Heard VAST first on newgrounds, loved them from then on. Jul 07
  • said:
    Love you Sep 27
  • lelliesandremains said:
    i love you Aug 10
  • ashsquee said:
    definitely the most amazing band in the whole entire world. loveeeeeee May 17


Nov 11, 2007

Music For People

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Turquoise & Crimson

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