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Varsity Vogue


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / Emo

Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Rich AKA The Dancing Bear, Jon AKA Captain BumRush

Hey so we are Varsity Vogue and we like you! We hope you like us too, but if not that's ok, though Capt. Bumrush may come visit your house and give you some special loving! Varsity Vogue is a side project from our other band Bullets Through Blues skies which is kinda post hardcore and all that jazz!!!! We play music that is mixture of acoustic/emo/new wave/pop rock/folk and pretty much every type of music out there. We have three albums out (Shut Up And Drive, I Really Should Stay Mad At You Longer & Action! Action!) and this summer will herald the release of 'The Drifter's Diaries: Volume One' (14/09/2006). It's an album of highs and lows, songs that make you wanna dance, songs that make you want to cry, some songs will make you reminisce whilst others will bring hope.

All our music is free and we hope you all like it, if you do dont be shy and let your friends hear it, pass it around post up about us on forums and whatever else you wanna do. We don't have any plans to change the world although we know that there are alot of problems with it and we do write the wrongs but mainly we are a feel good band who aim to capture feeling and help you feel as good as we do! The music we write, play and bleed if for us, for you and for anyone else who wants to hear it. The main theme to our band is that shit happens but life goes on, you can do whatever you set your mind to if you believe in it enough and if we can inspire one person, make one person happier about themselves and in doing so be happy ourselves then we have succeeded.

So we hope you enjoy it and I guess all thats left to say is keep on trucking or whatever you crazy kids say these days ;) just be yourself, be free and believe. See you at the Show; Rich & Jon AKA Dancing Bear and Captain Bumrush

Varsity Vogue are;

Richard Beale (The Dancing Bear) - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion and Vainity

Jon Creighton-Griffiths (Captain Bumrush) - Vocals, Guitar and Dry Humping

alt What Friends no one likes me :( I may just have to cry!!!!!!!!


  • Miss Ally said:
    Love it, totally love it. It's just my type of music, love the guitar, and the lyrics are cool. Nov 18
  • scarymary99 said:
    you guys are amazing...are the songs you haved on purevolume the only songs the band has recorded, or are there other songs available to listen to/download? if so, where?? you guys are seriously awesome Dec 16
  • Pauly_The_Pirate said:
    Hey this is really different pretty cool stuff, you need some drums though i think that would round your sound nicely, count me in on the team!!!!!! PTP Jul 02
  • Life Support said:
    Hi was just randomly goin through pure volume and found your music, i really enjoyed it too. you have an original sound. if you get the chance visit /ukcellardoor its got a few of are tracks on there, let me know what you think Apr 28


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