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Vapor Aevum


Genres: Rock / Pop Punk / Indie

Location: Syracuse, NY

Stats: 52 fans / 8,289 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Blaine, Nick, Adam, Freezer, Brendan

Vapor Aevum is an talented young band hailing from Syracuse New York. Vapor Aevum with every minute is progressing and continually changing.

You can get intouch with us for booking events by emailing vaporaevum@yahoo.com

to see music videos go to
Falling Star Productions

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  • almostasian said:
    im not trying to sound like an ass or anything but, i like the classic hotel rooms, its your site though, i just like the old one better, and i would love you long time if you did so, Dec 05
  • almostasian said:
    please please please put Hotel rooms make quite tombs back on NOW. I WILL FIND YOU!!!and shadow of a dream pwn noobs. Aug 11
  • almostasian said:
    you guys are teh pwnage and put hotel rooms back on pure volume Jul 08
  • xRainbowRainDrop said:
    sorry my screen name is xRainbowBeltGirl .... with only one a..sorry Jun 05
  • xRainbowRainDrop said:
    hey you guys rock i saw you guys at the taste of syracuse and met nick!! IM me some time at .... xRainbowBeltGirl .. hope to talk to you guys soon !!you guys are Awesome...ttyl Jun 05
  • xRainbowRainDrop said:
    hey i saw and talked to nick at the tastre of syracuse talk to me sometime at xraainbowbeltgirl ...you guys are awesome.. Jun 04
  • bitter obliviion said:
    i saw you guys at the taste of syracuse. you guys rock so hard, its not even funny. =] Jun 03
  • Zombies Ate My Girlfriend said:
    WHOA Im seeing you on the tenth. Helllllzzzzz yeah May 29
  • avalanche said:
    i saw you guys at common grounds once. you where good. May 14
  • KAHUNASAN said:
    Surprsie...Surprise...another kick ass band from NY. A lot of my favs are from your great state. Great sound.....nice melodys and change in tempo. Not bad for an indie. You need a good producer to put you over the top. Check out \"Goot\" page on purevolume....this guy is amazing has his own studio....and definitely has the production chops you guys can use......plus he\'s in your state. Good luck.....Rock on! Mar 24
  • lovelyxXxsuicide said:
    heeyyy!!! its skylar!!! i missed you guys!!! whats up?? Dec 28

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