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  • Eric said:
    You're from River Edge, NJ???? i used to live there as a kid!!! Nov 01
  • Teriyakhi said:
    I LOVE U GUYS...! Jul 06
  • NashaNoodles said:
    Absolutely love you guys (= May 07
  • Alana in Wonderland said:
    you guys make me smile Apr 17
  • out(: said:
    i like it!(: Apr 13
  • Jankhe M said:
    wow.... Mar 05
  • dee apple said:
    you guys are amazing!! Dec 04
  • A Concert Addiction :) said:
    miss youuuuu Aug 15
  • Steph said:
    afternoon delight is an aweomeeee sooong !! u guys are so my fav band Jul 28
  • Kate said:
    hahahahahahahahaha love the afternoon delight remix. hahahaha just gained 10 more points of respect for you guys. Jul 15
  • Alyssa said:
    Heard you guys on Pandora thought I check guys out.Total kick ass Jun 06
  • aRiF said:
    chek this http://www.purevolume.com/maryjunana Apr 30
  • ree said:
    u guys rock me Apr 28
  • jessica said:
    lovee Apr 25
  • hellocori said:
    love it! you guys are awesome(: Apr 22
  • jessica renee(: said:
    cute Apr 21
  • Mayra_Mortician said:
    www.purevolume.com/chemicalspill listen to it u will love it they are a n.j band :) Apr 18
  • sunshine&butterflies said:
    Apr 07
  • Rogelio Cazares said:
    Congrats! Great music!! Hey..if you are interested in having a website of your own..I am organizing a contest for independent bands and I would be great if you guys register! If you are interested just register the band at www.akevia.com/music Thanks! Apr 02
  • Amy said:
    Mar 17