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Genres: Punk / Southern Rock / Metal

Location: MADE IN N.Y.C., NY

Stats: 1 fans / 71 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Derrick Utopic, Declan, Thomas

We are utopic. We are the future of Rock'n'Roll. Fuck what you've heard. Fuck what you are hearing. Fuck what you will hear. Utopic is a state of mind. It is a combination of the greatest pains and pleasures the human mind can comprehend. We are heaven and hell in one melodic and harmonic orgy. We are the feeling you get when you eat your grandmas amazing pancakes in the morning while getting head under the table from a beautiful girl. We are the rush of a cocaine overdose. We are what goes wrong on your bad acid trip. We are what you felt before you were born and what you will feel after you die. We are revolution. We are apathy. We are hate and anger. We are love and ecstasy. We knew our shit, then forgot it. We are the paradox of everything going on in your head. And we are the bullet which flies toward you slowly penetrating the air and finally puts all your thoughts permanently to rest. We are fuckin' Rock'n'Roll...