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  • Bu0naPizza said:
    fucking amazing. Jul 31
  • RICARDO said:
    awesome¡¡¡ la reata¡¡¡ Mar 05
  • Matt{MadeVisible} said:
    Hey! Please checkout my band Days Made Visible @ http://www.purevolume.com/DaysMadeVisible ! We Just released our latest track "Therefore I Am!" For Fans of In The Midst of Lions, Chelsea Grin, The Word Alive, For Today, and More! Jul 13
  • mmmLila...(chaos) said:
  • David Moore said:
    I saw these guys live they loved me and my boy so much they followed us 3 hours away from Raleigh, NC to my hometown Iron Station, NC to party with us a few hours and get to know some real fans! an this was my fav band at the time! it was april 6th at the brewery i got pics with danny and ruben on here and facebook! But check out my band Beauty Within The Beast on here facebook youtube! I have tried gettin ahold of you guys but danny an ruben check our stuff out keep it diff man hope to catch you guys on tour if we arn't signed to sumerian yet! Apr 06
  • Ty said:
    Really glad theyre playing Bamboozle this year. and so happy there's a blog posted about them and their music on the bamboozle boomboxes. http://www.thebamboozle.com/blog.php Mar 16
  • Emmie Kiah said:
    Saw you guys live awhile back. YOU WERE AWESOME! :D Mar 07
  • Niko Albanese said:
    CHECK MY BAND OUT! purevolume.com/Thanasphere ..............become a fan! YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED. Mar 01
  • rahadian permana said:
    fresh metal Feb 24
  • Chelsea Ramey said:
    love you guys, you guys make me proud to live in the 210 :) Feb 13
  • Tyler Rice said:
    here's one of my band's promo vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDPof4ub9sk . our full length album produced by Craig Owens and Matt Dalton is to be released soon. check us out? (These Hearts) Feb 04
  • Tanner (: said:
    oh gawd i think i just had an eargasm. Jan 26
  • ryley nortrup said:
  • Agus green al-ayoubi said:
    Amazing.... Dec 14
  • ashleesnow(: said:
    fucking amazing muther fuckers right here>:D Nov 27
  • DomaniLynnTEXAS said:
    Cocossss. c: I remember when that fool was the drummer for Hematidrosis way back in the dayyy. It's pretty amazing how far y'all have gone. And I'm super proud of all of you. Keep up the great work you guys. c: Nov 09
  • FukinLUVdis420 said:
    omfg Nov 05
  • My friend, the Pornstar. said:
    carlitos way negggaaaa! :DDD Oct 26
  • . said:
    last night's show was sick!! hope you guys come back to Ottawa soon , and Happy Thanksgiving lol Oct 12
  • CODY MASTER P said:
    saw you guys on the 3rd at Peabody's...totally siiiick i swear you guys had some triple bass shit or something..it was beyond double haha Sep 14