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Up Dharma Down


Genres: Rock / Ambient / Electronic

Location: Manila, Philippines

Stats: 239 fans / 10,151 plays / 42 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Armi Millare [keyboards, vocals, rhythm guitars], Carlos Tanada [lead guitars], Ean Mayor [drums, human turntables], Paul Yap [bass]

The band got the name from the word Dharma, meaning the laws of life. In whatever case, it is a law that connects everything in existence no matter how diverse they are. This is how the band explains their music, having rather dissimilar musical influences that results into a dynamic sound that still meets halfway as it appeals to a certain group of listeners almost everywhere.
The four combine their love for Rock, Neo-soul, Acid Jazz and Electronic music ranging from Jill Scott, Robert Plant, Janis Joplin, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, The Cure, Incognito, Spyro Gyra, Zero 7 , Photek, Portishead and even John Williams to name only a few of the band's list of musical heroes and geniuses.

Being members of different groups for some time they say, their preferences have been very much compromised since only having an either-or-approach on bands would be acceptable to a lot of people. When they have finally decided on taking separate ways from their now-defunct groups, they've made a subconscious merge of a tangled-up, smacked-down groove not anyone has been able to give a name yet since Fusion as a collective genre came out.


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  • eizky said:
    Excited on your new album! miss to get a ticket on 28... turn it well guyz! Nov 20
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  • adamheads said:
    up dharma down d best ate armi sana mka punta ulit kyo sa davao soon Jul 18
  • tanfan said:
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  • XxianxX said:
    this band, made me proud to be a filipino ;) Nov 27
  • zinksjuvs said:
    absolute... Aug 17
  • Toby said:
    finally the new songs are hir! thumbs up UDD! u guts are awesome May 12
  • bangz said:
    amazing voice! love it. XD Feb 26
  • Mohd. Mousa said:
    goood work...\m/ i luv ur song (evry first second) ;) Jan 06
  • thonzkieweedspa said:
    congrstulation a new best artist in n.u rock awards keep doing a song guys i love u armi Nov 02
  • blanksheet said:
    Hello :) ate armi ur voice is so unique... keep it up! see yah at the gigs. godbless u all. Apr 06
  • Chao^_^ said:
    AstiG tlga!what a very unique band!a very unique in the music industy!wlang katulad!=p.......that's my kind of music!mixed music!^_^ Mar 26
  • madee said:
    2 thumbs Up to UDd band! ^_^ Aug 07
  • hacket panget said:
    hanep galing nyo'' Jul 18


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