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Genres: Indie / Pop / Rock

Location: Hollywood, CA

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Members: Daniel Ballard-Guitar, Josh Ballard-Piano & Vocals, Daniel Dempsey-Drums

Until June is quietly conquering the music world... The indie-cool-meets-pop sounds created by trio Josh Ballard, Dan Ballard and Daniel Dempsey offer a fresh take on the term piano rock. With a #1 single in Greece and extensive touring in the U.S., Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean under their belts, UJ is steadily amassing a loyal alliance of believers worldwide who are eager to share their discovery. Melodic falsettos belted out over lush rock instrumentation provide the perfect paradox of sound that almost feels like a guilty pleasure.

Until June released their new EP Sound of Defeat on Authentik Artists on May 19, 2009 and will be touring internationally throughout the year.


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  • NaturaLynnATyahoo said:
    Please make your way to Delaware. I'd love to finally see you guys play and hopefully meet you! =) Maybe play a few randomly sweet melodies in the piano too...okay, okay, I am pushing it now. Jun 12
  • jk lol said:
    "Sleepless" is a great song! Jan 03
  • Joe said:
    check out my band @ http://purevolume.com/valkyrie22927!!!! Nov 20
  • Brooke. said:
    omg i think i just fell in loooove Oct 04
  • josh.chitwood. said:
    quite a good band!! ! Apr 13
  • @Lysattack said:
    You guys are so amazing. (: Apr 06
  • danceofdeath09 said:
    haha i didnt know they had a new album either. i've been listening to the old one for forever now. i like the new songs! Mar 06
  • Brandon Chitwood said:
    man i ddint know they had a new album Feb 03
  • the perfect machine said:
    listen. download. http://www.purevolume.com/goodnightlights Jan 06
  • leckss said:
    you do is maybe, just maybe one of my favourite songs ever. [: Dec 05
  • River said:
    Y Stereo,Until June, And Stephen Barnes on tour to nebraska :) mmkay? Dec 05
  • Deeeev (: said:
    omg you guys are amazing! im so excitred for your new album! Oct 11
  • Panic25 said:
    Hey you guys, I've been to this website many times before, and listened to the music on here. I first heard your song "Outer Space" on pandora a few years ago. Eventually, for reasons i dont remember, i lost access to pandora. Recently i've been able to listen to pandora again, and i remembered you guys. Anyway, i make an account on purevolume today, just so i could tell you how much i love your music. no other band was good enough to make me sign up and tell them how much i enjoyed thier music. Keep up the great work. Gunna buy your music on itunes soon (= Oct 05
  • Joe Seaver!! said:
    I love this band!! Aug 23
  • N3ek said:
    Wow.. I havent listened to them forever! What ive done and Sleepless Jul 09

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May 19, 2009

Until June

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