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Unique Stunning Handmade Leather Wallets

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You can easily shop on line for handmade leather wallets however it is difficult to always discover the style and design you are looking for. in this website is one such place in which you will come across some of the most uniquely designed and handmade leather wallets. These wallets are produced from the highest quality leather featuring turquoise and silver plate detail along with intricate hand carved patterns engraved in the leather.

Our wallets are manufactured by skilled artists and designed underneath the sharp eye from the Australian company's owner and designer Georgie. She works closely using the artisans to design this good quality, unique wallets made using traditional bamboo tools. Completely handmade, starting from the cutting with the leather, to adding the turquoise embellishments, these handmade wallets get softer and softer with age and are long lasting. unique handmade wallet

in this is actually the dream of Australian designer Georgie Lee Pearce, the young designer that has grown up travelling the globe and imbibing the very best forms of design, beauty, and colors from the people plus the surroundings that she has been in. Seeking through treasures in Turkey, Oman and India, it is no wonder to see the creation of this beautiful website, carrying the essence of chance, spirituality and beauty. She holds great respect and popularity of the artisans that have helped her designs come to life. Every few months you will come across a new collection at in this site, created with fresh inspirations after Georgie produces a trip abroad. best minimalist wallet ever

At in this site you will find woven shoulder bags, clutches, tassel bags, necklace pouch bags with beading as well as a selection of native inspired bags. None of those wallets or bags are produced in higher quantities and are each carefully suitable for style, comfort and practicality. In particular, each wallet is unique having similar carving featured on all of them but the silver clasp and turquoise detail vary with each and every piece. As you are unique nowadays so there is a unique to fit you. A well designed and handmade wallet will forever remain in fashion. Regardless of whether you use one of these as being a feature clutch to compliment your outfit or just as one everyday your handbag. Its inevitable that you will receive daily compliments how beautiful your handmade wallet is.

At in this website Georgie has created stylish wallets that combine the craftsmen's traditional workmanship and quality with modern needs for durability, style and functionality. handmade wallets anticipate sending you a unique, hand-crafted that may remain in fashion and last for years to come.


Posted Oct 28, 2015 at 7:17am