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UnderOath Cover Band


Genres: Hardcore / Christian / Rock

Location: Montville, NJ

Stats: 36 fans / 14,485 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Mike Lisa, Pat Byrnes, Matt Pesci

Hey guys, we are an UnderOath cover band.

All recordings by Mike Lisa (drums, guitar, bass, mixing) (vocals by Pat Byrnes)
All Songs written by UnderOath (these are just cover songs)

Everything you hear was recorded at my (mike's) studio in Montville, NJ
I also do demo's for small local bands, If you are in NJ and are looking for a simple, inexpensive demo, let me know.



DRUMS: Yamaha Recording Custom
12" tom / 16" tom / 14" snare (slingerland) / 22" bass drum.

CYMBALS: Zildjian A Custom
20" projection ride / 18" projection crash / 19" crash / 14" mastersound HH / 6" zilbel / 10" splash

Heads: Remo Pinstripes - toms / emperor x - snare / pws 3 - bass drum


Bass drum - Audix D6

Toms - AKG Perception 200's

Snare - Shure SM 57

Overheads/hi hats - Audix F-90's OR Beyerdynamic mkl II

Mixer - Alesis Multimix 8 USB

Software: CakeWalk Music Creator 3


  • Steven Hall said:
    And since The Sun Never Sleeps, Underoath has only progressed, they r sick and im glad they evolved from that dirty hardcore stage. Sep 30
  • Steven Hall said:
    get some vocals on that shiat. Ive been playin drums and guitar to underoath for years!. good stuff! please check out Oceans Array at purevolume! Btw great sing a long music. Sep 30
  • steve, yo (:Dank)™ said:
    sounds alright just get some vocals and better audio quality the cymbals sound like the suhcks Apr 04
  • C@meron Says: I Have Gabriel's Gun said:
    music is good but ummm no vocals? cant rate you till u have some vocals Feb 17
  • Josh Jones said:
    its good but where are the vocals that make underoath underoath? Feb 16
  • monsterscreamssimatasatupenghancurgedung said:
    i like music u :) Jan 18
  • Jay-Boy "Tha Mystro" said:
    do a cover for the sun never sleeps this new underoath is crap old Underoath was real Hardcore.. ur recordings arent bad tho man. u need to tone ur guitar up a lil more but drums dont sound bad. JH- nice Job Oct 28
  • Mike [Break Out the Shotguns] said:
    Hey you guys should check out http://www.purevolume.com/breakouttheshotguns We are a hardcore/screamo/christian band. Number 1 on the Christian charts today!!! Oct 12
  • _xUnderOathx_ said:
    You guys most really love UnderOath! Sep 04
  • _xUnderOathx_ said:
    Its so awesome that you play their music. It sounds great! Aug 20
  • Screamxscreamxgladiator92 said:
    you guys are awesome! how old are you guys? you guys look young. :) Mar 21
  • Punksurfer777 said:
    You guys are really good at this, that's awesome! Im proud of u even though i really don't know u!!! Great job keep it up!!! You should try writing your own songs. Mar 09
  • rawr_im_a_chicken said:
    I\'ll tell you guys what if you can do \'Returning Empty Handed\' you\'d have eternal respect but as of now you almost have it, this sounds great Feb 04
  • lindsexyperfectlyimperfect said:
    hey you guys r awesome!! me and some of my friends wud like to do our own uo covers one day... but yeah i really like it i know these songs inside out and u guys mastered them all. Jan 21
  • NotGonnaDrop said:
    hey man could you tell me how you recorded the guitar parts...(ex..mic...line in)..also did you use a certain distortion to get the underoath sound? Dec 19

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