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Underoath Studio Journal #1 - New album out Ø9.Ø2.Ø8


Added May 16, 2008


Underoath is in the studio recording their follow-up to "Define The Great Line." Check out the first studio video journal.


Comments (11)

  • Kieshia said:
    the new album does rock! i picked it up om the release date and couldnt contain myslf. EVERYONE PICK UP THE DVD/CD NOW!! (unless you r an Underoath hater.we dont luv you either) Sep 18
  • Im fool so what ? said:
    yeahyeah. i hope this new cd bring it to southamerica ( gosh my english sucks ! xd) Sep 03
  • hardcorwin said:
    the trafic suks Aug 18
  • emo-skater-reaper said:
    dude you guys rock and i bet the next albums going to rock to Jul 30
  • ashley loves firecrotches (self-explanitory) said:
    Ahhhaa. =] "I'll bet you five bucks." Can't wait for the alllbummmm, gonna be kickkkinn'. Jun 11
  • mike said:
    this is going the best one yet May 28
  • Dem said:
    intrical, hmmm exciting! May 22
  • bobjoe said:
    DUDE U!! CUSS May 21
  • Matt{MadeVisible} said:
    I am soooooo excited for the new album!!! May 18
  • georgeye said:
    intricate? May 17
  • Chris said:
    i can't wait for the new album!!! May 17