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"You're Ever So Inviting"


Added May 16, 2008


From the album, "Define The Great Line," in stores and online now on Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records.


Comments (7)

  • Blaze HeatniX said:
    OMG ,never judge UO like this , i like they music , not because they are Christian Sep 14
  • R.I.P Joey Schwitzer said:
    im going to there concert with Dwp and saosin! yes lol Sep 21
  • we are the prada said:
    this is christian. the rope uhh... thing represents satan. and they are fighting him. Aug 20
  • Mark Gabriel said:
    Some people says this video is a Christian music. I don't think so! You will judge this video,,, Aug 07
  • *[raw_rock_kills]* said:
    omg....aaron....your so hot.....OOMMGG..... Jun 21
  • *[raw_rock_kills]* said:
    omg....aaron....your so hot.....OOMMGG..... Jun 21
  • ... said:
    i love this video!!! thats the stuff i wanna do lol breaking walls and screaming n stuff ^^ May 18

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