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Genres: Punk / Hardcore / Metal

Location: San Diego, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Brandon, Nick, Yabbs, Tanner, Richie

We've always believed that a label should only work as hard as the band is working. Today, most bands coming up, and even bands that have been around forever still have this mentality of dependency on a label... That a labels responsibility is to do all the work and make you successful. Only you can make yourself successful. And we're on the same page right now and I'm excited to finally show people what we, and our music, have become. - Nick Martin

The candor of lead vocalist Nick Martin's explanation describing his bands work ethic gives much insight as to why Underminded managed to endure a three year interval between albums without breaking up or being forgotten about. Combine that with an intense passion for playing music and it's obvious that these are the driving forces keeping them in the hearts and minds of their ever- growing fan base. Its been a long, grueling ride for this San Diego four piece and the culmination of their never-ending life on the road and the subsequent life changing experiences they endured came together in their upcoming full-length Eleven: Eleven.

The main architect overseeing Undermindeds path of musical destruction was renowned hardcore producer Paul Miner. As the former bassist for So-Cal hardcore stalwarts Death By Stereo he was no stranger when it came to harnessing the raw energy and aggression of a young band. The end result of their studio experience was a Eleven: Eleven, 11 unorthodox arrangements of hardcore, metal and melody, boasting a much meaner sound than anything they have previously released. Fronted by lead vocalist Nick Martins unique vocal style and what sounds like an entire Spartan army assisting him with hoards of gang vocals, its apparent that Underminded have evolved drastically in that three year span.

Upon hearing the agonizing shrieks bellowed by Martin, its obvious that he has a lot to say on both a personal and worldly level and as Martin himself states, it wasn't always easy for him to express himself so openly "The lyrics were very intense this time around for me. In all honesty, I almost regret some of the lyrics because they're so private to me. Growing up, I was never much to express my feelings and opinions on anything just because of social reasons. Thinking people would not like me or accept me or think i was odd. As I've grown older, I've progressively accepted being in my own skin. And as I've gotten older, I've just let go a lot, feelings wise." It immediately brings to mind Peter Finchs character in the movie Network as he frantically proclaimed Im mad as hell and Im not going to take this anymore. That quote holds much meaning for Martin and pulls absolutely no punches on Eleven: Eleven, and for thirty-four minutes this record brandishes a sardonic wit and untrammeled aura of genuine emotion that offers a captivating look into the human spirit.

Every now and then a record comes a long that encourages people to step it up a notch. Just as bands like American Nightmare and The Hope Conspiracy revitalized hardcore a few years ago, Underminded have written an album that truly belongs in that same category. 2007 sees the band continuing to traverse every nook and cranny of the country, high-fiving kids and shredding venues, with upcoming tour dates featuring label mates This Moment and I Am The Ocean, plus heavy hitters Evergreen Terrace, and August Burns Red. August 7th is the date that Uprising Records will unleash Eleven: Eleven upon the world so mark it on your calendars, plug it into your blackberries and prepare yourselves for a truly moving sonic experience worthy of your ears, but most importantly your minds.

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