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uk cellar door


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Indie

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Stats: 38 fans / 3,252 plays / 6 plays today






Members: we\'re all dead...


First of all, let me apologise on behalf of the band for leaving you all out of the loop for so long.

Cellar Door decided to call it a day and ceased to exist towards the end of 2006. I can't remember the exact date, although i think it may have been around september.

Thanks to everyone who came to see us, took the time to listen to us, or even told your friends about us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Once again, thanks everyone!



  • said:
    It really sucks that I just heard you guys and then I found out that yall broke up. =[ Feb 23
  • velocity_girl said:
    Hey what you guys been up to, eh? Keepin quiet! Jul 12
  • Enara said:
    loving your music!!! Jun 23
  • jingle my shells said:
    Hey guys! what you been up to? long time no see!!! xx Jun 08
  • velocity_girl said:
    Dudes...help...would you, or any bands you know, be bothered about playing a set at my school on our clearence day?!?!?! Im fantically searching for someone to fill the slot, and im not doing well! Thanks, take care, Nat xxx May 25
  • raging_alcy said:
    PUMP....PUMP....PUMP...PUMP! I\'m well bored. You guys need more songs! I\'ve been listening to the same two for the past 2 hours. How is everyone??? x May 23
  • velocity_girl said:
    OH MY GOSH! Did you know that rats produce 880 offspring PER YEAR?! Im sorry but thats fucking rank. Make sure you lock your doors tonight guys! May 23
  • jingle my shells said:
    my eye feels like its going to close! its soooo sore! x May 22
  • said:
    Im sooo hungover! The only cure will be another drink! Amanda and I cant wait for the new singer to arrive! We want to come see some gigs. (and drink alot of cider) x May 19
  • jingle my shells said:
    hey guys! what you up to? im bored! x May 17
  • caz007 said:
    Just seen the poncho photo... hahaha classic! I think it was better dressed on maz over claires jumper at four am biking through centre parcs though hahahaha May 16
  • raging_alcy said:
    Hey there! Just thought I\'d make a comment cause Ashlee forced me to. (Nah just kidding!) Love the songs and good luck with the band and all that. Steph x May 15
  • said:
  • jingle my shells said:
    it has been scientifically proven that ashlee is a dwarf! May 15
  • said:
    hey! amanda and ashlee here. hows it hangin? when you guys gonna get some gigs? amanda has just made a penis out of her babybell wrapper and now ashlee is playin with it! anyway bye! xxx May 12

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