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Twelve Thousand Armies


Genres: Alternative / Acoustic

Location: Charlotte, NC

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For music fans who have been aching and searching for guitar pop of the caliber and quality the music industry hasn't produced since the early 90's, the search is over. On September 20th, MoRisen Records will fill that void with the national debut of 12,000 Armies. With the release of THE MIRTH OF THESE DAYS, 12,000 Armies will have you humming new melodies thinking you just ran into an old friend you haven't seen in a long time but really missed. The album was recorded in Charlotte, N.C. at Cougar Camp Studios with Justin Faircloth and mixed by Brian Paulson (Beck, Wilco, Superchunk). The music maker behind 12,000 Armies is Justin Williams who has fused the best elements of southern pop into songs reminiscent of the best material from the DB's. And if you think Justin's voice sounds familiar, you may recognize it (but a much more amped up version of it) from his other band, The Talk. THE MIRTH OF THESE DAYS is a unique combination of Justin's brilliant pop songwriting with the musical talent of some of Charlotte's finest musicians that ultimately creates a tasty album with hints of stripped down XTC and a touch of Cheap Trick.

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Twelve Thousand Armies The Mirth Of These Days MoRisen Records

Twelve Thousand Armies The Mirth Of These Days blasts off with Everyday Is Getting Better a George Harrison, Guided By Voices compromise that shakes and delights. This soft attack sound has been attempted by many artists but is perfected by TTA. Glimmering tambourine and glimpses of Moog put this one in the smoky college bars and should put it in the smoky college charts. After all the songs are extremely pleasing. Soft rolling choruses, rattling drums and open-ended guitar squeals are pressed into an echo effected production that is not too dreamy. The acoustic guitar work and distorted bass tones is well wrought and well timed. Even though the album goes a little trance now and then Twelve Thousand Armies breaks it up with quick choruses and heart string pulling.

The terrain is hilly for Twelve Thousand Armies. Nice rolling songs washed in warm fuzziness. This record is best digested while cleaning house, driving or writing. Depths as low as The Jesus and Mary Chain, peaks as high as Television, TTA build nice pop sequences.

- Thomas Martin



The Mirth of These Days

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Charlotte, NC


Charlotte, NC

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