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Genres: Psychedelic / Progressive / Rock

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Ashton Bird, Caleb Bird

Despite their lack of physical similarity, this Los Angeles by-the-way of Carbondale, IL duo are brothers, and it is that kinship that plays an integral part of the music that Caleb and Ashton Bird create together as Tweak Bird.

Performing together for a better part of a decade in various incarnations, it wasn't until these two early twenty somethings moved to Los Angeles that they decided to embrace the notion that any new musical endeavors would consist solely of themselves. It's this bona fide kinship - the perfectly tempestuous older brother/younger brother symbiosis - and their not-so-typical dual vocal delivery that sets Tweak Bird apart from their peers and allows them the ability to craft expansive jams despite their lack of members. It also means that no two Tweak Bird shows are the same, songs may begin and end based on their mood at any particular moment.

Produced under the helm of the impressive production team, Deaf Nephews (Melvins Dale Crover and Altamont's Toshi Kasai), Tweak Bird's debut album, Reservations, is a sweeping seven song introduction to a band exploring the depths of heavy experimental, progressive and psych-infused rock. Songs like Whorses and Spaceships emanate a powerful brooding air - foreboding, almost threateningly so - of some new sonic assault about to be heaved upon the listener. Reservations is an introduction of sorts, one that leaves a musical Armageddon looming on the horizon in an unabated swirl of fuzz that begs for a resolution.


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    These guys own. Too bad they haven\'t really done much since 2004 Mar 16


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