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Twan's Band


Genres: Comedy / Alternative / Rock

Location: Northampton, PA

Stats: 1 fans / 1,128 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Antwan|Gonzalez|Hernandez

Antwan's band is a group of three men with disorders. They play music.

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Da Band:
Antwan's band is a band from a town called Northampton. Antwan and his two friends Hernandez and Gonzalez ,who are two sweet brothers, jam like there's no tomorrow. The band started up in the summer of 69'. Every since then, they've been rockin out.

Antwan Shaboodaboo Louise (Guitar/Vox)- Antwan is a very humble person when he feels like it but when he is energetic, step away son. (Reppin' da USA)

Hernandez Hernandez Hernandez (Drums)- Hernandez is Hernandez.

Gonzalez Jama Hama (Bass/Vox)- Gonzalez comes from the Dominican Republic like his brother Hernandez. He deepley enjoys oatmeal.



The Sky Is Falling

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