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TV On The Radio


Genres: Alternative / Indie / Rock

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Tunde Adebimpe, David Sitek, Kyp Malone, Jaleel Bunton, Gerard Smith

Dear Listener,

This Family made by the confluence of desire & circumstance lives in the same world that you do same world at war same world in love, same sacred & profane world feeling on the brink & still sometimes elated. This family is drinking the same water as you & yours. Lives under the same threat of violence, has seen the same rainbows. This family is vulnerable to the same toxins & viruses & addictions as yours. Celebrates like yours. Feels joy & pain like yours. Trips good & bad vibes like yours. This FAMILY recorded an album about that same world

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  • GibsonGirl said:
    starin at the sun is one of my all time fav song but i also love red dress from the new album. keep up the good work guys! :) Jun 08
  • J.bones said:
    WOLF LIKE ME . WORD. Mar 07
  • Nick said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/mynewyorksummer Jan 08
  • Maxim Martel said:
    If something can give me those vibrations, it's TVOTR, your music is like, wind to my ears, i can't stop listening your songs, "Wolf like me" and "love dog" are my favorite! Dec 10
  • Breann said:
    "god i like it "(WOLF LIKE ME)AWESOME! Jun 26
  • Jackeys Romance4 said:
    lovers day all the way. Apr 18
  • dramamine14 said:
    you guys are kick ass. wolf like me never gets old Mar 21
  • Tyler Mason Tobler Figley said:
    you're odd... no...i'm even. http://www.purevolume.com/CloudCastle Oct 29
  • NGreenie said:
    love wolf like me LOVE IT Jul 18
  • kelly said:
    I love your songs, and i've been obsessed with Wolf Like Me for a while now!! :) Jun 28
  • Remy said:
    Your coming to philly yay!! May 31
  • Sean_cookandmaid said:
    You guys were really cool on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. May 03
  • Domi said:
    lovve your songs, amazing:) Apr 11
  • walt said:
    i agree with the ryanguy; so uplifting............... Apr 07
  • goldenpoohhead said:
    really good stuff here "wolf like me" is great! Feb 04


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