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Weather has been very nice of late long overdue mind you!You may remember that a group of my geology students were going to walk the length of the loch ba ring dyke last year in the end it was cut very short which now have weather.I am still planning to make this happen sometime, with luck soon!

On friday i decided to take another look at some of it the section above loch ba, followed by a nice stroll back along the side of loch ba the elements was very good, nice clear.Here are a few pics of the walk, combined with some details:

Mend near ben more lodge, overlooking to the hills above loch ba the slightly"Sharp"Hill in the gap is called na bacanan the ring dyke runs right across it and over into glen forsa

Loch ba, looking down on it your own ring dyke(The light coloured rocks in the front)Weather couldnt have been better for the hills sunny with a breeze and decent clarity.

Doesnt look much i realize, but this grow into smaller dykes that cuts across the ring dyke, and thus remains younger than it.Dykes of this type represent a fraction of the very last igneous activity in mull.I was reading up on the sgurr of eigg week, whcih you can see quite clearly from mull if the weather is ok the sgurr is reckoned to be practically the most last, if not the last instance of igneous activity in britain eocene period, 52 million a long time ago.The mull rocks are a bit are over the age that.I feel a trip to eigg coming on.

This is the actual ring dyke itself up close and private.At this point it is similar to a wall of rock.Spectacular.No wonder the particular survey officers got all excited.

This is a lot similar to it!Ben additional information, developing a snowy north face.

This is ben more's neighbor, a'chioch exploring fine and pointy.This view is from moreover over, above glen clachaig from where the cioch looks breathtaking.

Cheap North Face Appropriately, back down at loch ba again right here's the fine hill of beinn na dubharach.A lot of the rock called gabbro up there, hence the knobbly craggy view it.Pens are similar to a loch up on North Face Sale:http://www.rcorner.co.uk/ the hill called lochan nam ban uaine lochan of the green women green?Envy?Fairies?Aliens?Stimulating name.

Heres another view across the loch to sron nam boc and here the ring dyke outcrops on the ne shore of the loch and gives rise to the line of crags up the hillside.

Here we are looking back to the sw portion of the ring dyke(Near where i ignited)The sun is really buying the late dykes cutting across it(As in that graphic above)The late dykes appear as similar diagonal lines.Hadnt really noticed the effect before quite so strongly must have been that this sun was catching them.

And that was that.More soon with luck,

Bye just with respect to nowyes, definitley pay it a trip!I really like this part of mull actually there's special about a lot of the inland lochs of mull all very atmospheric the mishnish lochs on a frosty morning, loch uisg after rhododendrons are in bloom, the glen more lochs to be able to is wild and wet, even little loch staoineag in iona has a beauty all of its.But loch ba is probably one of the best easy to get to, easy walking and great hills rounded about.And i didnt observe the geology, was i?

: ))Millimeters

Mm totally between http://www.rcorner.co.uk/ tobermory

One place i love around is loch tulla near glencoe have photos of me since a child and photos of my honeymoon taken there of course(Then about the kingshouse, mmmm)

Jean from frae Cheap North Face Jackets here

Millimeters, are usually origin of the ring dyke?It looks to be hugely high and most probably large around.If the sgurr was the end igneous activity then it was a grand finale!Thanks once more for a superbly interesting blog.

Barney from swithiod pebble of ages

Hello barney just got back was away in ballater for a few days at a special birthday! (Incredibly nicely a blog entry on that soon. )No matter what, ring dykes principle is very easy as a magma chamber depletes as igneous activity progresses, get an unstable situation where a large block subsides very often this has an"Arcuate"Fracture into the fracture molten style gets injected hey presto a ring dyke.That is this can be the mull scenario down faulted blocks with magma intruded along the line of the fault.Normally, it's never quite as neat as that, and as is the cae making use of the loch ba ring dyke, it isnt visible all around.In fact occasionally it is pretty hard to find.Alright, see every body again soon!Millimeters

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