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Tub Ring


Genres: Rock / Experimental / Other

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Kevin / Rob / Chris / Trevor / Jeff


It's no secret that several thousand years ago this planet was "seeded" with life by our ancestors from the sky. It is Tub Ring's goal to bring the Children of the Sky back to their rightful place in the heavens.

The Chicago Quintet's first album, Drake Equation, was released in 2001 and produced by Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle. It provided a way for them to weed out those who were not ready to hear the truth. The band quickly went on tour bringing the message to the masses while playing over 200 shows a year.

In 2002 Tub Ring quickly followed up with their second offering, Fermi Paradox. A gentle nudge focused on attracting even more coverts with its stark contrasts of smooth lullabies and harsh rock chords.

Once again the band went on extensive touring duty, playing with established acts act such as Mindless Self Indulgence, Slymenstra Hymen of Gwar's Girly Freak Show, Skeleton Key, Estradasphere, Dog Fashion Disco, Wesley Willis, and more. Bringing their music and personality to thousands of new ears while performing a live show that was without rival.

Which brings us to 2004 and the release of Zoo Hypothesis. Combining elements of the last two albums, Tub Ring has created an album that with sooth/excite at the same time. Utilizing an orchestra of instruments, and a universe of musical styles and influences, Zoo Hypothesis is an album that demands your attention.

It has been given that what you do with this - how you respond to it - is strictly up to you.

Sure, lots of underground bands attempt noisy stylistic collages at breakneck tempos. But few manage to inject as much melody as Tub Ring - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times

With a wealth of instrumentation that spans from conventional to the obscure, listeners are in for quite an aural treat when this record is in the mix. - The PRP

Once in a while, an album comes along that simply baffles the mind. One that hasn't been released by countless other bands before, and offers listeners an entirely new perspective on independent music as a whole. - Geek Burger

A deeply intelligent album that is as powerful as it is fun. - Allmusic.com


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  • Cairo said:
  • Sam I. L. said:
    You guys are awesome. Jun 16
  • Sam I. L. said:
    You guys are awesome. Jun 16
  • Mika said:
    you guys rock!! i found some really awesome interviews that you did. How come you dont post them? http://www.uncensoredinterview.com/artists/162-Tub-Ring May 10
  • failbuttongoo said:
    You guys rock! Jun 30
  • said:
    raindrops is a great song. Jun 23
  • Ninjoel said:
    Hey guys, love all your albums... can\'t wait for our new one :D Jan 08
  • Peasant_Chick said:
    You guys are always a nice breath of fresh air. I love your masterpiece \"Bite the Wax Tadpole\" more than anything. Nov 20
  • ShishKebab said:
    You know, first time I heard a cKy song, I thought I\'d never hear a better band. You guys, five years later, proved me damn wrong. Jul 22
  • musicguru9000 said:
    What up guys, keep up the crazy ass music and sorry to see you got ripped off by MTV2, that was bull crap May 19
  • Dr,Q said:
    Add Comment here... May 10
  • .xx.InLoveEmo.xx. said:
    Tub ring is pretty much awesome! music is so unique and i love it! Mar 03
  • BNJskate said:
    you guys suck Jan 22
  • Wicked Lame said:
    Rob is a self proclaimed POSER. And no, I will never forget it. Jan 05
  • monket said:
    Tub Ring = Rad. Dec 28

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