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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Jam Band

Location: Vancouver, BC, BC

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4 tracks

Members: Teague Purtell, Reggie Hache, Issah Contractor

Tripfuse is currently based in Vancouver, BC but originated in Cleveland, OH by Canadian musician Teague Purtell.

Tripfuse started as a recording project when Teague bought recording equipment to help improve the sound on his guitar education site musiclearning.com. A year and a half later, he had recorded the first Tripfuse CD. The self-titled CD, available on the Tripfuse website, was recorded in Teague's modest studio with about $2,500 worth of recording gear (not counting guitars, amps and keys). While nearing completion of the CD, Teague became very excited about performing live and thus, the first live phase of Tripfuse began.

Upon arriving in Vancouver, Tripfuse hooked up with local bassist Reggie Hache and got ready to do some exploring with a new set of songs. Reggie has been a bass player/vocalist for several years. During that time he has played in various bands, explored various styles of music, and has embraced various influences; this has led to a well rounded bass voice that lends itself easily to improvisation and exploration. Matched with the Tripfuse spirit of possibility and openness, he is a welcome addition to allow Tripfuse to flesh out their new material with a new sound. As well, Reggie and Teague are seasoned vocalists which enables them to explore vocal harmonies on the new tracks.

Teague and Reggie have now teamed up with accomplished local musician and songwriter Issah Contractor who has joined Tripfuse as their drummer. Issah is a multi-faceted musicians who has explored every genre from hard rock to jazz fusion and has mastered instruments from drums and bass to guitar and keys. He is an invaluable and dynamic asset to any project and has already proven to be the final essential piece of the puzzle for Tripfuse to move forward.

This new meeting of minds is promoting an intense new energy, one that the three musicians look forward to unleashing on the local scene upon the album's release.


  • www.endy.com said:
    hey i saw you guys at newport opening for moonlight drive was EXCELLENT May 16

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