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Our official debut, "Echo Il Nemico", avail omni.


Genres: Electronic / Rock

Location: San Francisco, CA

Stats: 1 fans / 23 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Nick-Geraqld Peterson and Masanori Yusa

Our release, 'Echo Il Nemico', is doing fine. I am wasting my proverbial breath on this site, as we have 1 fan (here, on Purevolume, that is), 0 plays for months...contrasting sharply with almost all other online presences. Our music is valid as music alone: the garbage I hear that "succeeds"..well; suffice it to say, were I to get rich from writing anything like the drivel on mainstream everything right now, I'd blow my brains from my head in abject shame. Come and chastise us for bothering to challenge you, instead of simply satiate you. Ban us, imprison us and kill us...as we won't pay for attention publicity when the music speaks for itself in every way...all you need do is bother to give it a listen.
Somewhat ticked (likely have this sites' arrangement to blame more than anyone,or anything..but no matter
--Nick-Gerald Peterson



Echo Il Nemico

Dec 25, 2009