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Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Houston, TX

Stats: 6 fans / 304 plays / 14 plays today






Members: CHRIS (drums)
NICK (lead vocals, lead guitar)
LANDON (bass)
LANCE (rhythm guitar)

Trellis is a brutally honest alternative rock band from the greater Houston area. With punishing percussions, riff driven guitars, and soaring vocal melodies, Trellis reaches to attain everything necessary to take their sonic textures to the next level. Blending influences ranging from R & B all the way through progressive rock, they aim to attain facets from multiple styles and genres.

Considering all of the individuals in Trellis are diverse in background, they combine to formulate a uniquely intense sound. Singer and lead guitarist, Nick Odizor, came up on the soulful melodies of gospel music and eclectic sounds of the likes of John Legend. Rhythm guitarist, Lance Pena, adds ambient textures and sonic harmonies necessary to fill their horizontal spectrum. Bassist Landon Nash possesses the ability to allow his bass to jump around almost as much as Trellis entire musical arsenal. Drummer, Chris Hesketh, who also came up on the likes of church music, used his creative and intuitive ability to groove and improvise, helping Trellis mold their sound into what it is today.

Trellis encompasses a strong belief in the do-it-yourself concept. Theyve taken all their original music and shared it with the masses. Playing nearly every weekend in cities all around Texas, this self-managed band is no stranger to the evils of the road. They continue to book shows with major and local bands alike months in advance. With a brand new demo recorded, Trellis can be found at venues in Houston, such as Scout Bar, Fitzgerald's, The Meridian and The Engine Room, as well as venues in College Station and surrounding areas. Tracks from the demo can be found on myspace.com/Trellis, as well as on the radio, on The Texas Buzz (94.5 FM Houston). Their eclectic, alternative, punk, and R&B conglomeration has been an asset in building a vastly growing fan base in Houston as well as the surrounding area. Being no stranger to hard work, Trellis has worked diligently to gain a growing fanbase, willing to taste their home-made hybrid mixture of harmonic resonance and blistering tone.

All things said, Trellis is looking to take their skills, sound, and aspirations to the next level. With strong work ethic, focus on excellence, and a solid foundation, they are looking for the necessary resources to take their sound to the masses. With a strong belief in their gift, they intend to share it with anybody that is willing to accept their unique sound.


When Trellis plays music ... the deaf turn their heads, the blind cant help but stare, the mutes rant inaudible screams of joy, the paraplegic mosh, the amputees shake their ghost fists...why? I don't know, but scholars maintain that the symphony of sound blends a perfect concoction of inexplicable harmony lifting even the lowliest of souls into a musical trance tractor beam of ... music. So shake your fist, mosh, yell, stare and dare, to turn your head and recognize the force of rock that is ... TRELLIS


  • _BellydancingBallerina_ said:
    This song actually sounds pretty good. I'm wondering why you you only have 3 friends. Y'all aren't bad, but more music would probably help. Apr 09
  • taylor2343 said:
    dude nick its me taylor wuts up Sep 03

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